Take This Test to See If Others Think You Are a Jerk

Warning: Most of us don’t consider ourselves jerks. However, our assessment is not the assessment that counts. Take the test and see.

Answer the questions using the following scale:

3 – Always

2 – Sometimes

1 – Occasionally

0- Never

  1. I am careful not to be associated with people who are obviously less educated, less attractive, or less cultured than me. ____
  2. I avoid strangers, especially if they are of a different race. ____
  3. I believe there are some people who do not deserve forgiveness. ____
  4. I appear to be smarter or more talented than others. ____
  5. I wish that more people would think as I do. ____
  6. I think people should show me more respect. ____
  7. I worry about people taking away things that belong to me. ____
  8. I feel that it is important to protect my own rights first. ____
  9. I believe there are a lot of idiots in the world. ____
  10. I say what I think and don’t hold back. ____

Total your answers.

0-10  Your character is appreciated. Thanks for making the world be a better place!

11-20 Jerk Alert!

21-30 Total A**hole

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