I Never Said Thank You

Just today, I noticed the fifty-year-old scar below my knee and, for the first time, realized I had never even thought about thanking my mother for getting me to the hospital and paying the medical bills required to repair my leg after a bicycle accident.

It’s a little late now.

But, it’s not too late to use the lesson. What a reminder of how easy it is to take things for granted when wrapped up in our own drama and life is all about me. (Sorry, Mom. Sorry, friends. Sorry, coworkers. Sorry, other family members. Etc., etc.)

And what a reminder to come down off my high horse when tempted to complain about others acting “entitled.”

Image result for it's all about me

2 thoughts on “I Never Said Thank You

  1. Gosh, I’m sure I forgot to tell my mom and dad thank you for a million things. And, like you, it’s too late. I guess the lesson, don’t forget to say thank you and I’m sorry when you have the chance. Because someday you won’t.

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