“I’m Going with You”

“I used to try to change people, now I just want to be with them.” -Bob Goff

This might be the story of my own life’s metamorphosis. (Still rehabbing from the short-sighted, control-freak approach. Apologies.) The super irony of it all is that people want to listen to us when we quit trying to make them listen.

When author and speaker, Bob Goff, decided to drop out of high school to become a mountain climber, a Young Life counselor wooed him back to reality by just leaving for the mountains with him. It didn’t take two days for Bob to figure out he needed to finish high school.

It always takes a little longer to “be with someone” rather than tell them what to do, but the results sure last longer.*

* Want more proof? See how Stephen Covey “listened” his son into staying in school in Seven Habits of Highly Successful People

2 thoughts on ““I’m Going with You”

  1. Caring is unconditional.

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