No Thanks. I’m Good.

Neil Gaiman’s delightful short story, Calendar Tales, contains a vignette about a woman who finds a genie in a lamp. When the genie asks for her three wishes, she says, “I’m good.” Eventually, the genie gives up asking, but stays around, settles in, and becomes her partner. One day she asks him if he has any wishes. He says, “I’m good.”

Relationship 101 lessons:

  1. Contentment, self-reliance, and confidence are great for attracting the perfect partner.
  2. There is nothing sweeter than a good relationship with ourselves…and, then, someone to share it with. 

Sometimes, I wonder at the richness of my life. I am not wealthy or famous or young and beautiful. Yet, I have what I always wanted: a clear conscience, people to love, and work that makes a difference.

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