Most True Breakthroughs Are “Break-withs”

“Most true breakthroughs in life are break-withs; creating a break with the mediocrity or mistakes of the past.” -Stephen Covey (from the forward of Crucial Conversations)

Breaking with our mediocre behaviors (especially when it comes to emotion-laden relationships) takes resolve and the humility to learn new techniques, but this is our best chance for the lives of our dreams.

A few “breaks” that have radically improved my quality of life:

      Break With                                 New Technique

        Playing the victim                                     Setting Boundaries and Contingencies

         Getting defensive                                         Healthy Emotional Detachment 

                Arguing                                                                  Active Listening

                Judging                                                     Giving the Benefit of the Doubt

Related image

When we hear ourselves complaining, criticizing, whining, or attacking it’s a good sign that we have settled for a mediocre existence.

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