Just a Thought

That place within myself where nothing is impossible…hmmm.

When I felt so much joy that I could not adequately express it? Is that the place? Or when I experienced immeasurable pride and relief to have accomplished a very difficult task? Is that the place?


So, if I just thought of those times more often…instead of the times when I felt defeated…would I be more powerful?

Most likely.

What if…

I would became much more beautiful and strong just by going to those places in my thoughts?
I could leverage more success and happiness by being more careful with my thoughts?
Every unproductive thought I released made room for the impossible?

Would I cancel the pity party and get on with it?

Happy February.

2 thoughts on “Just a Thought

  1. It is a wonderful quote, there’s kaos and anger all around us we so need to turn within.🕉

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