Not Enough Present

“There are only two days in a year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow.” -The Dalai Lama

All forms of guilt, regret, resentment, and bitterness are caused by too much past and not enough present.

All forms of anxiety, worry, stress, and fear are caused by too much future and not enough present.

If I seriously respect and inhabit the moment before I try to sort out or make sense of all other points on the time-space continuum, I won’t hurt as much.

How this spells out practically:

  1. Schedule daily reflection/meditation time.
  2. Deal ruthlessly with any of my wimpy objections or manic interruptions to this practice.
  3. Always stop, ground, and center before reacting to any unexpected or unwelcome circumstance.

Quick to Condemn You?

If I am quick to condemn you

I will be quick to hide my own darkness

If I am quick to forgive you for being human

I’ll be quick to find my own lightness of being

Quick to heal from disappointment with myself

Quick to hear mercy calling my name

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I am not afraid of your dark only because forgiveness provided the power to overcome and to make my own decisions in the light.

Who Invited Me? (encore)

Who invited me
To be the judge and jury of politicians and other flawed beings?
Who asked for my
Expert advice about how the universe SHOULD be run?
Who am I to judge
Those who have tried and failed or whose motives may be suspect?
If I want to judge
I must try myself, or not cast stones at those who do
If I come down
Off my throne and enter the race
It may prove
To be tougher than it looks from above the fray
It’s okay
To have an opinion and yes, passion, about what is fair
If I am willing to do more than screech about how I care

Speak up

(originally posted July 2015)

I See You

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“To love is to recognize yourself in another.” – Eckhart Tolle

The good and the bad

The unsavory elements of ourselves we have stuffed in the closet

Out of sight where we hope (with racing heart) no one will think to look

For what we have denied or blamed on others


The best love is an honest love

Full of responsibility for the mixed bag of who we are

Neither better nor worse than any other

Three Choices

There are always three choices:

1. Mourn the past (If only…)

2. Long for the future (When I finally…)

3. Make the most of the present (What is life asking of me right now?)

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For me, this starts with replacements:

1. A smile for a frown (Yes!)

2. A laugh for a tear (Whatever!)

3. A challenge for fear (Bring it on!)

“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you have chosen it. Always work with it, not against it..this will miraculously transform your whole life.” – Eckhart Tolle

My Embarrassing Upheavals Are Up to Date

The moving Folsom Prison group-therapy documentary, The Work, was so worth watching and reminded me of my own weekend group-therapy experience.

Except…in my own group, I was kicked out for smiling too much.

The leaders thought I was hiding behind a fake smile, unwilling to be vulnerable (which is, admittedly, a commonly-used defense mechanism).

But I really was genuinely happy; happy because I wasn’t afraid anymore to be open about my pathetic errors, hidden pain, and less-than-admirable sub-conscious longings.

I was up to date with upheavals and confessions–an approach I highly recommend.

(Not to say that there haven’t been, or wouldn’t be, many more. When self-examination is a lifestyle, uncomfortable revelations abound, but that weekend, everything had already been excavated and divulged. I had done the work and it felt good.)

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Especially When Darkness is Winning

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It’s a strange place we inhabit.

Who’s to say what joy may come out of pain? What life may come out of death? What light out of darkness?

But, we all can say (from experience) that despairing in pain, in darkness, or in death only made matters worse.

Ain’t no one got time for that!

So, who’s to say that we cannot challenge the darkness…and win?

Our heroes have.

Bow to the Heart that Triumphs over Greed

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Go ahead and deny this stubborn truth.

Go ahead and talk about all the luxury and power that money can bring into your life; how people will notice you, pursue you, flock to supply your every need.

Then, if you are brave enough, tear open the veil and look into the brutal face of greed; you were never the attraction. Watch your flock disappear when your fortune fails or wanes.

Face the horror of the pathetic defeat of money in a bout with loneliness, disease, or death.

Bow to the heart that triumphs over greed.

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Perfect Paranoia


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...unless we want to be paranoid about people finding out about all the things we have done wrong.

A little mercy for offenders (even politicians) makes us easier people to live with.

Paranoia (along with subsequent deceit, hiding, and rationalizing) is often a sign that we have been making ourselves feel better about ourselves by condemning others.

Judge and feel judged.

“Perfect” paranoia for perfect pointers of fingers.