When Stuck

“The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive.” – John Green

Even when it seems irrational.

Even when someone seems unforgiveable.

Even when the person we must forgive is ourselves.

Even when the Universe seems treacherous.

Even when it hurts too much.

Especially when it hurts too much.

Forgiveness is the door to rational communication, revelation, and relief.

The labyrinth was always an illusion.

Stop Acting So Small

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Ways in Which I Have Acted Small:

  • Being jealous of the place others have in the Universe

  • Whining about how unfair the world was to me

  • Hurting others to make myself feel better

  • Telling myself that I was more or less valuable than any other human being

  • Thinking I was common

  • Wallowing in my limitations and pain

  • Giving up too quickly

  • Failing to smile at the future and to act with courage

  • Ignoring the magnitude of the miracles that sustain me any given moment

  • Fearing scarcity and loss

When to Expect Rewards (repost)

I don’t know why this is true, but it seems to be the experience of many I admire. Life asks regular humans to push past what they think is possible, reasonable, or doable in order to find the hero lying dormant within them.
Today I heard myself think, I can’t handle this anymore. I stopped and changed my self-talk to I can do whatever life is requiring of me. Immediately I noticed tangible changes in my body:

  • The “butterflies” in my stomach settled
  • My mind quit racing
  • My pulse decreased
  • My breathing became less shallow

Labeling what is happening to me as “normal” instead of “unfair,” “unreasonable,” or “unhealthy” is my first step to stability. Stability must precede tenacity. And tenacity always precedes rewards.

(I reposted because I needed the reminder.)

True and Simple Nobility

Life became a lot easier when I quit…

  • comparing my progress to that of my peers.
  • worrying about impressing my family members.
  • using someone else’s success as my measuring stick.

Everything became more serene when a new day became a plain and simple chance to be…

  1. better than the day before.
  2. true to my word with everyone.
  3. aware of the vast and abundant Universe…beckoning…simply beckoning me to live fully now.

Where to Start When Things Are All Messed Up

Messed up day? Messed up life? Messed up anything?

Fix it.

When I quit arguing about this and took complete responsibility for turning off the complaints and turning on the acceptance, change began.

Without this first step, all others are more difficult.

Fighting off “The Frightened Toddler”

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I love the accuracy of anxiety being described as a toddler. If I would have thought about this description last night at 3 AM, I would not have let my “toddler brain” take charge of my life. It would have made sense to quietly ignore the relentless insistence that I was wrong about everything and everything about life was wrong.

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(Click on above quote for more powerful info about fighting off “The Frightened Toddler”)

Renaming Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th was my mother’s lucky day.

I can’t remember ever having a bad Friday the 13th, well, except maybe the day I went to see “Friday the 13th,” but, the superstitions part of me still wants to have it’s say. When Friday the 13th comes around, I hear myself thinking, “Uh-oh, watch out!” But, this year, I do not intend to listen.

Several years ago I started naming my years. Even-numbered years had always been my favorite until I noticed that the odd-numbered years had been more productive for me.  So, instead of entertaining doubts at the beginning of 2018, I named 2018, “My Best Year Ever.”

And…it has been.

I’m carrying over that lesson:

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Fail Early, Fail Often, and Fail Forward

Getting my head around this understanding of failure has been a real challenge.

Failure, to me, was always…

  • embarrassing

  • debilitating

  • terrifying

  • depressing

I spent many years hiding rejection scars, pretending I hadn’t failed, blaming and shaming myself and others about failures before I ever experienced the joy of failing forward.

“Failure is not your enemy but your guide to improvement.”

Changing to the habit of excepting my humanity, even laughing at my propensity to fail, has brought me massive relief…and always…closer to success.

What We Think of You

What we think of you doesn’t really matter.

In the early 1700’s people thought Johann Sabastian Bach’s music was “mediocre, too complex, and unsatisfactory.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Intellectual_Devotional

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Huh. So glad Bach didn’t get discouraged and quit before I had a chance to hear “Sheep May Safely Graze” three-thousand (okay, three hundred) years later.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCyJvRaQ3Dg

Gee, I guess public opinion can be wrong.

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I can, and should, learn and grow from what other people say about me, but if I start measuring my worth by it, everyone loses.

Wait for It

Some people seem to know their path from birth. Some find their path as a child. Others before they are twenty.

I was always jealous of those people.

Now, I know that finding my path at 48 was a pretty cool thing. There had always been a path to that place. My path was unlike all others.

Still, there are others who only find their path in death. There had always been a path. Their path was unlike all others.

Waiting for it is wise.

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