Think Again

If you think you do not have the power to make someone happy, think again.

It doesn’t take money. It doesn’t take position. It doesn’t take intelligence.

It only takes a smile.

Or a thank you.

Or a text.

Or a good wish or prayer.

You don’t even have to walk or talk for that.

(But, if you have money, power, and/or position use those things too.)

The problem with depression is that we spend too much time thinking about what we can’t rather than about what we can do.

Right now, I’m going to think love and send love to someone who needs it.

And the next time I feel useless, I’m going to do the same.

The world is full of people who will never tire of that.

Just Sing

People are a mess. Life is often a mess. Things happen. Death is inevitable.

But, sing anyway.

Look it square in the face and sing.

That may sound absurd, but when I do, I find courage. Sometimes, even a smile.


Music seems to connect me to a harmony above the chaos.

That’s a good reason to test the hypothesis, anyway. (Especially when we consider how important music has been in all the stages of our life, how imbedded it is in our memories, and how much music meddles with our emotions.)

Do You Love It Now?

Maybe if we loved things more fervently while they were in their “whole” condition, we wouldn’t have to piece them back together in order to really see them.

I thought about this quote a lot after screws and plates were in my ankle.

I think about it now while going through old photos. Where was my appreciation of my friends, circumstances, health, and youth when these photos were taken?

Instead of admiring the “whole” I was…

  • going from thing to thing without stopping for the moment
  • maybe comparing what I had to what others had, and longing for more
  • looking but never really seeing the “whole” sacred picture

Tread softly, for this is holy ground. Could we see with seeing eyes, the place we stand upon is Paradise.

-Christina Rossetti

Disarming Connection

You may have had a disarming connection before.

I was simply reading the introductory poem in The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao when my insides jumped up in recognition of Derek Walcott’s sensitivity and his far-reaching spirit writing. Maybe the sudden jolt of recognition was for his gift, or his anointing, or his understanding of a deeply hidden pain. Maybe for a fellow traveler known before these bodies.

But I cannot deny my union with the hovering, invisible truth.

I cannot deny the grip of his words urging me to live large, authentically, and honorably.

I cannot deny the visceral tug that pulled defenseless tears from my eyes and my weakened knees to the ground.


Moments such as this remove the veil from the rhyme of existence.

Best Exercise for a Broken Heart

“The heart is a muscle like any other and the best exercise you can do for it is called picking yourself up off the floor.” 

– I Wrote This Just For You (2011 Central Avenue Publishing)

It feels like you can’t get up
It feels like the pain will never subside
It feels like it’s no use
It feels like living is meaningless

Don’t believe the lie

Get up anyway
And keep doing it

Your heart will soon astound you with its strength

When I think of what I would have missed if I had not…

Who knew?

Terribly Afraid of Losing Nothing?

I was the person described in this Zora Neale Hurston quote.

I thought I had good reasons for clinging to my tiny sliver of a life (while dangling pathetically from the well-worn beliefs that whatever else might be out there wouldn’t work or was too taboo to try).

What was I so afraid of losing?

Once I began to step into unknown territory and challenge my fears, even my failures proved worth the risk.

The world is filled with angry people who feel trapped and seriously disappointed with how their lives have turned out. Yet, most, as I was, are terrified and unwilling to make even one adjustment that would bring change.


Before it is too late…”grab the broom of anger and drive off the beast of fear.”

So Easy to Be Mean

So very easy to be mean…

  • and be totally oblivious to how we were mean
  • even when we were merely trying to do the right thing
  • or when we were attempting to be efficient or honest
  • especially when it seems someone else was mean first or taking advantage of our time and resources
  • and we were taken totally off guard

In these cases, it is difficult not to add more trouble to an already troubled world.

To  be more aware of unintentional meanness, I must…

  • have a willingness to question the stories I tell myself
  • walk into someone else’s story first
  • set aside my ego (and my looping self-justification)
  • remember how it feels to be misunderstood

I Am Enough. You Are Not.

I am enough not because you failed and that makes me feel better about my own success

I am enough not because I didn’t get caught doing something that you were caught doing

I am enough not because I have the power to make you feel small

I am enough not because I have more friends, money, education, talent, smart kids, hair, or possessions than you have

I am enough not because I embrace diversity and you don’t

I am enough not because I care about animals and the poor and you don’t

I am enough not because you are a narcissist and I am not

I am enough not because I make you appear to be less

I am enough.

You are enough.

How Much for that Genuine Article?

Whatever you do today
Don’t miss the fun of being genuinely, authentically you

Not an imitation of someone

You thought was somehow better than
Or more interesting than you
Not a replica of the ideal you (minus your secrets)
Whom you prefer people to believe is really you
Instead of the version of yourself who is buried in worry
About your past, money, future, weight, weaknesses, habits or acne

Because, (and this is really important)

When you are buried or hiding the whole you
The bargain hunters won’t be able to find you
And celebrate all the way home
Texting their friends with the news
That their life has suddenly changed

Because of you

(Original Post May 2013)

Planning Our Assault

As I review two thousand and eighteen
I smile at conquered fears no longer claimed 
Then, trembling, plan an attack
On the terrifying ones that still remain

Here’s to hoping (for everyone’s sake)
That you will resolutely do the same

Otherwise, our ego is likely to be fed by our fears.

Rising above those fears keeps us from acting like creeps to each other.