Happy People Are Sexy (Encore)

Want to be more appealing to the opposite sex?

  1. Have a generous and sincere smile

  2. Be genuinely interested in others without strings attached

  3. Laugh at yourself

  4. Delight in life

  5. Be responsible but healthily detached from outcomes

  6. Be courageous

Anxiety is the thief of competence.

Self-absorption is the thief of sex-appeal.

Even if you are struggling with depression, a negative self-image, unemployment, health issues, job stress, or family challenges, letting go long enough to get out of your narrow prison and see the wide world out there will bring vast benefits to you and others.

You have what it takes to conquer your challenges.

Surrender your ego and your fear…and watch the world come to you.

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“It Doesn’t Mutter.”

What if those of us who walk around pathetically muttering to ourselves said only kind and productive things to ourselves instead?

What if we recognized the demeaning muttering for what it really is: unproductive babble? 

Hope doesn’t mutter. It smiles instead.

Love doesn’t mutter. It boldly urges us on.

Joy doesn’t mutter. It sings.

Self-talk matters. The right self-talk doesn’t mutter.


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But I Can’t Stop Long Enough to Do This

It is easier to move from thing to thing to thing than to stop and understand who I am that moves from thing to thing to thing.

I have learned from painful experience, that when I try to move from thing to thing to thing without first understanding who I am and who I am not, my work is inferior to the work I could have done had I taken the time to know first. 

When I am not occupied with protecting my self image, when I can smile at my finiteness, then I am the best version of myself, moving with lightness through time.

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It is so hard to know myself because I think the doing is the being.

I think I am here and I will always be here.

I think there is no mystery.

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“Smile at the Future?”

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In those sleepless hours of eternal night

We can wrestle with demons and writhe 

Against the chains of insomnia


Smile at our ridiculousness

And slip into morning unscathed 


While sitting ringside for the collapse of our dreams

We can shrink in screaming pain


Laugh knowingly at our need for miracles

And silence the destructive waste


Tossed like a dry and broken leaf in the wind

We can denounce the moon and the tides


Release the energy caged in disbelief

And smile at the ride of our lives

What Are We Expecting People to Be?

Are you angry at the people who have let you down?

Are you anxious about all of the injustice, abuse, and discrimination in this world?

Are you ashamed enough of your own failures that you deny, rationalize, or hide them?

When we quit expecting people to be our saviors

When we cease pretending there is no dysfunction and, instead, anticipate it

When we give up expecting ourselves to be something other than human…

We will finally have a chance to live

Without the constant and familiar war with anger, anxiety, and depression

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When Sadness Strangles the Future

Whenever I think I can’t go on without someone or something (which I have lost to the past), this Henry David Thoreau quote reminds me to face forward.

It wouldn’t be so important if I could be mentally healthy and still live in the past. Since I cannot, I must assume that the future holds more hope and opportunity than I am inclined to believe.

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Looking back to learn or to honor is one thing.

Perpetual mourning is another.

One refreshes.

The other strangles.

“It’s Just a Chapter, Not the Whole Story.”

Comedian Kevin Hart’s autobiography is brutally honest, often inappropriate but surprisingly full of insight. I might not agree with someone’s sexual irresponsibility or how often they use the “F” word, but, wow, I can still appreciate their journey and learn from their tenacity.

Kevin’s ability to start over after screwing-up is inspiring. Instead of wallowing in his failure, he reminds himself, “It’s just a chapter in my life, not the whole story,” and makes necessary adjustments. That’s how he became an “overnight success” (after sixteen years of stand-up).


  • Laughing at ourselves keeps things in perspective.
  • Authenticity is our most valuable asset.
  • Nothing is wasted. All of our story has value.
  • It’s not over until it’s over. Hang in there.
  • “Working hard doesn’t mean you can play stupid.”

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Why Do Things Have to Be So Hard? (Encore)


(“God gives every bird its food, but He does not throw it into its nest.” – J.G. Holland)

I always thought it would be a lot easier if God would do that.

Growing up, I was mostly a quitter, a cry-baby, and a whiner. My first response to a challenge was to complain and make excuses. The concept “never-give-up” was foreign to me. I repeatedly whined to God, “Why do things have to be so difficult?”

I now understand, that the Universe was desperately trying to help me find and claim my own capabilities and my own power.

Learning that I am stronger than I ever imagined has been a total surprise to meand a great relief to those who were throwing the food in my nest to shut me up.

When Being Depressed Is a Good Thing (Encore)

  1. When we have been brave enough to get real with ourselves – Sometimes the absolute shock of seeing ourselves sans the protection of our ego will initiate a mourning for our old, though totally inaccurate, self-image.

  2. When we have been kind enough to “weep with those who weep” – There is beauty in the gentle tread of someone willing to share pain.

  3. When we have been insightful and passionate enough to bear the weight of the world’s sadness – A Chicago Tribune reporter in Abraham Lincoln’s time commented, “…the man’s gloom came from a depth of character. His speaking went to the heart because it came from the heart.”

  4. When we have been honest enough to do the right thing in spite of the consequences –

Lincoln's resolve

Abraham Lincoln is my kind of depressed man.

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