Rescripting the Workplace and Getting Better Results at Work

Rescripting the Workplace

Change your life at work!

I wrote this book because of the personal suffering I endured trying to figure out why things had to be so difficult at work. Work is hard enough all by itself. But when you have to put in tons of hours while trying to maintain a personal life, and, on top of that, put up with feeling slighted, overlooked, taken for granted, or disrespected by bosses or coworkers, it’s a bloody insult!

After figuring out that I was part of the reason behind these painful dysfunctions, my life changed forever. The trajectory of my life improved almost overnight, leading me to the enjoyable life I now live. Because of this good fortune, I vowed to use this hard-earned knowledge to alleviate the pain that millions of others suffer working with bosses who don’t seem to care, or the pain from the reverse problem: bosses who have to work with employees who have big chips on their shoulders. Both problems generate much work for therapists and contribute to unnecessary, and massive unhappiness worldwide.

This easy to read book addresses very specific issues from the day-to-day grind with humor and raw honesty. Ways to deal with lazy co-workers, mean employees, jealous employees, co-workers that drive you crazy with their email habits, bosses that don’t manage or over manage, jobs that are boring or tedious, jobs that are way over your head, jobs you can’t stand, and many more issues are included in this small volume.

If you want to move up, if you have just started a new job, or even if you are in danger of getting fired, Rescripting the Workplace has first-aid to offer. Apply the treatment and move your life to a whole new level! It’s much easier than seems possible!

Read it and start producing miracles today.