Big Reflection from a Small Shimmer

In an elevator, I noticed light flashing randomly over the walls and ceiling. Looking for the source, I found it to be my watch band, reflecting wildly from slight movements of my hand. Something so small making all this beauty.

Of course I have seen it before

this reflective wonder

That I often ignore

But today I think of my own light

(and nothing is as small as it seems)

I feel my own power

Pulsing around me unseen

As wireless signals reach my phone

I chill to the knowledge

“I am not alone”


Ttransmitting energy everywhere

Now feeling electricity

In my fingertips and hair

Sensing the calling

The calling to shine

The calling to trust

(the magnified reflection) of my tiny and unlikely shine


What Have You Summoned?

Some people say that we have “summoned” whatever has come into our lives. And that made me so angry.

But, while passing the last aid station in a half-marathon, a volunteer asked if I needed anything. Because of pain from Plantar Facsiitis, I answered, “A new foot.” Two weeks later I broke my left tibia and fibula at the ankle. When I saw my foot hanging loose, I thought of that comment. It was the foot that I had disowned.

As my “new foot” (with two plates and ten screws) was healing, I was cautious to treat both feet with utmost respect.

Whether I “summoned” the break or not, I definitely have new appreciation for every bit of my body that I have often taken for granted.

Appreciation summons abundance.

Atoms of Ozygen, I Owe You an Apology

I have taken you for granted.

I am surrounded by you everywhere and have forgotten to notice you.

I have used you, haven’t I?

I have used you to complain, to sigh, and to curse

Instead of laugh.

And have ignored the refreshment you give to my one trillion cells.

Without you, I can’t go on living (and that is not a metaphor).

Please don’t leave me.

Give me another chance (or several) to show you the gratitude your deserve.

Right now, I apologize.

I breathe in a breath full of you and promise to thank you more often.

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It’s a good place to start.

Everything Will Go Sideways Eventually

My plans.

My possessions.

My successes.

My failures.

Things I am sure about.

My body.

My health.

People in my life.

That might sound pessimistic, yet, after reading countless biographies and observing the lives of generations of family, friends, and associates, it is simply realistic. Even the most accomplished politician, star, athlete, entrepreneur, or inventor has been (or will be) subject to the ravishes of time.

Once I have accepted this, I can live without drama.



The aim is to balance the terror of being alive with the wonder of being alive.

– Carlos Castaneda

Minions, Opinions, and Illusions

Some of the biggest falls I have taken in my life have been associated with ignoring the following important facts:

  • What I think people think about me and what people actually think about me are generally two different things.
  • What people say to me is not usually what people say about me (especially when I am their boss, family member, or competitor).
  • Who I think really agrees with me and who really agrees with me are far from the same.

To avoid a rude slap in the face from reality, I must…

  • find my security from within vs. from without
  • remember that we humans, in order to avoid conflict, often say and do what is expedient vs. what is completely honest
  • work daily on an inner life (based on awareness vs. illusion)
  • solicit, accept, and reward honest feedback from peers, employees, and family


Starting with a New Baseline

Weekend challenge: let go of inaccurate opinions of myself…

Two-Minute Tune-Up

“When a person attains a new, more realistic understanding of who he (or she) is, a quantum jump occurs in our ability to perform, whether in sport, business, or personal relations. We are able to express a new dimension of our self that we have just grown into.” -Timothy Galway

Or we can just keep deceiving ourselves and stay where we are.

All those years of butting heads with my accusers, opponents, and family members (instead of hearing and processing their feedback) just added bricks to the wall of my ego, fear, and self-deception. When the wall came down, I saw the baseline behind the wall and began to make rapid progress.

Previously, I protected an illusion that I called myself.

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Find the Space

When it feels crowded in my head

And I can’t find a moment to rest

When things do not seem to be going well

 Or improving

When obstacle after obstacle is ahead

With wild dysfunction and disconnect

There is one thing that will help

(Even though I am skeptical

And it appears disturbingly counterproductive)


Give stillness the space it demands.


Stop talking, plotting, searching, texting, scrambling, and working


Give stillness the space it demands.


Go quickly, without resistance to that wide place

Where, inside me, I can find a cooperative universe

Unveiling a path into silence, acceptance, order, and confidence


Why, oh why, did I waste so much time getting there?


(For those who have pin-ball brains similar to mine, stopping it is no easy task. Try this: Sit quietly and notice your breathing. With every breath in, think “just.” With every breath out, think “this.” Repeat as long as it takes for “just this” breath to be all you are thinking about.)

Connection and Contribution

Everyone is looking for a way to distinguish themselves.

Everyone wants love.

We can deny it or hide it, but all of us crave connection and a way to contribute our gifts.

When I feel the lack of these things, I can choose to withdraw. I can choose to rage against those who seem to have what I lack. Or I can choose to make a difference for those who are also in need of connection and contribution.

These people are everywhere. They are my neighbors. They are my enemies or my competitors. They are the strangers I fear or the friends I have yet to meet.



If I remember this when my own plans (for who should love me, or who should value my gifts) crumble, I will thrive.

What Pearl Harbor Day Can Do For Me Today

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  1. Remind me that life is much larger than my own drama.
  2. Confront me with my need for historical knowledge.
  3. Challenge me to care about the millions everywhere who suffer in the wake of war.
  4. Confirm the fragile nature of life as I know it.
  5. Give me a sense of urgency to contribute good to the world.

Those of us who are younger than WWII most likely will think of the movie or give the day a passing nod. But, if we choose to give it more than that, we will be the beneficiary.

Our short lives are pleading for us

Begging for us to stop and care

Our mission here might simply be

To be aware

The Life-Changing Question

It seems I have the same two choices everyday:

  1. I can live as if my own needs and priorities are critical and urgent, or
  2. I can live as if the needs and priorities of those around me are just as important as my own.

Selecting the first option, in the grocery store, I see my list and the most efficient path to getting what I need. My subconscious might ask questions such as, “Why won’t people get out of my way?” or “Why doesn’t he get a job?” or “Why doesn’t she take better care of herself?”

When I select the second option, I notice the skinny, young man using his last dollar to pick up a prescription for his sick kid. I see the frail woman with Alzheimer’s being led around by a detached caregiver. I notice a depressed and angry man buying one-portion sizes. I see the subconscious, unattractive woman who won’t make eye-contact. And, I ask the life-changing question, “What more can I do to help?”

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