Harry and Snowman

“Don’t trot, but gallop to see this movie…” the critics said.

I saw it on an American Airlines flight and so glad I did. And so glad it is available on YouTube and Netflix.

Watch it only if you want to be reminded that everything counts, that life happens for us not to us, that flat tires are part of a bigger plan, that those who are kind to animals win, that horses are more than horses, and that miracles happen.

On so many levels, this movie gives hope; hope that there is meaning behind our existence and that horrible tragedy can transform into strength and yield good for our future and for others.

That’s All I Need to Know?

This Keats quote has more punch to it when his circumstances are factored in; dead at twenty-five after years of poverty and painful illness. In spite of that, Keats lived with good spirits, focused on the beauty in the world and the truth revealed through that beauty.

Sounds way too simple…until I read something moving, or see a beautiful child or a stunning sunset, or am the recipient of an unexpected kindness. At that point, the meaning of life is distilled into such simple purity that I understand what Keats was getting at.

Or, when meaningless cruelty, inexplicable suffering, or aborted happiness knocks me off my feet, and I realize I don’t know what I thought I knew, then, Keats’ reminder that I really never knew is a lifeline to sanity.

The Ocean Speaks

Maybe one reason humans love the ocean is because it speaks to our cells, not only of beauty, but of deeply subconscious things.

Today I hear it say…


All of life is rhythm.

Don’t waste your time trying to stop it.

Face each wave with reverence.

Hear me roar.

Millions will never see me and cannot imagine my vastness.

If you do; bow.

And, when you are away from the ocean, bow to the ocean within you.

Honor the magnitude of my abundance.

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Asking is the beginning of receiving. Make sure you don’t go to the ocean with a teaspoon. At least take a bucket so the kids won’t laugh at you. – Jim Rohn

Our Life in the Shadows







This overcast sky of clouds, puffed like dumplings with sunlight peeking through between them, cast a beautiful patchwork light pattern on the buildings around me as I walked the dog a few years ago.

It reminded me of the beauty I unexpectedly find in others sometimes; light peeking through clouds here and there, casting a unique and odd shadow upon me. Unfortunately, I have often missed the interesting light patterns because my focus was totally on the clouds.

Owning my own shadows and clouds; remembering that light has somehow found a way to peek through, gives me patience to see beyond the clouds others bring my way. Then, instead of saying, “WTF,” I can  be fascinated; “Look, they are flawed too…just like me.” 

If You Want to Look Younger


“Joy is the best makeup.” Anne Lamott

Most of us don’t realize how witchy or decrepit our faces look when we are unhappy, mean, worried, fearful, jealous, or bitter. Sometimes I scare myself when I accidentally see my reflection in the computer screen while I am working. EEK!

When I don’t actively concentrate on joy and contentment, my mouth turns down into a nasty, wrinkle-inducing, upside down U, my brow furrows, and my lips tighten up like a constipated old lady who is angry about things not being the way they used to be.

Awareness of this “beauty thief” also keeps me from acting like a creep sometimes…which is good for others too, even if part of my motivation is just a tiny bit narcissistic. haha

Top Ten Reasons Why “Smelling the Roses” is Important

10. They smell good

9.   They remind me that beauty exists in a world of pain and suffering

8.   Their scent is much better than other things I might smell

7.   Their beauty deserves to be noticed

6.   Stopping to do so keeps me from being oblivious to subtle gifts

5.   They exist for my enjoyment

4.   They help me keep things in perspective

3.   Enjoying pleasant things improves my body chemistry

2.   Taking time to do so, slows me down enough to avoid doing something else that I might regret

1.   Observant people are smarter people

budda rose

(Even apes know that!)

apes and roses