A Balanced Inventory

I may not be happy with numerous things in the world…but, I am happy with a gazillion other things (like clean water and internet access).

I may have aged a lot in the last few years…but, my face has fewer bumps (because I have a dermatologist who took them off).

I may have  a larger waist…but, I have a larger purpose too (because being attractive was never a sustainable project).

I may have fewer admirers…but, I have learned to do the admiring (because, after all these years, I have finally accepted myself, which, by the way, gives me more time to admire others).

Because, it is so important to give myself a broader perspective (on issues both large and small), I have made a pact with myself to always balance the info I allow in my head. If I am fed bad news, I feed myself good news. It’s that simple. It’s not being Pollyanna positive, it’s being productively practical; just opening my eyes a little wider.

I am in charge of the feed.

Thank you Astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield for your example: http://www.interestingshit.com/nature/good-news-stories/

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“Fear Not!”

For those who are trudging through trying, taxing, troubling, and dangerous situations, this advice could seem a bit trite, but not coming from Chris Hadfield.  Chris dishes out the advice only after telling the story of going totally blind during a walk in space.


Chris also points out in his book that astronauts are generally not the daredevil type. They are merely meticulous thinkers who are passionate about finding out what works: so passionate that they will do whatever it takes in spite of their fears.

Chris Hadfield

For some practical advice about “walking through” high anxiety times in our own lives, Chris Hadfield is a good source.