Identifying and Thanking Our Collaborators








As I was laughing at my own jokes recently, I realized that my ability to write sick quips and funny dialog had come from my family; not always in the best of circumstances, my mother, sisters, and brothers contributed to my proclivity for absurdity (along with a steady diet of Mad Magazine).

Each of us owe much to people who have helped us identify our gifts…however painful the process. Along with using our unique gifts, showing them appreciation is the right thing to do.

Today, I write in memory of my mother’s whacky life, my sister, Angela, the master jokester, and for my brother, Ronnie, who bought me my first MAD Magazine.

It’s too late to thank them any other way.

(originally posted 2012)

Spritz Up Your Holiday Spirit

There is no better time then now to get over ourselves and take ourselves less seriously. When the “weight” of our lists bogs us down so much that we forget the objective, then it’s time to laugh…laugh big…and lighten up about being a tiny human “in control” of our tiny lives in a big universe.

I’ve been belly-laughing about the common growing-up experience of this video all day and noticing how bubbly I feel as a result. I had to watch it more than once to catch all the lines they stole from me.

untitled (104)

(click on link, not picture)

Happy Holidays are the ones without memories of making everyone miserable while we prepared for them.

“Robin Williams. What a Concept!”

Billy Crystal’s profound last line of tribute to Robin Williams reminded me of four important things…

  1. That I could say, “What a concept!” about so many of the people in my life and how cool it is to think of them like that
  2. When I think of myself as What-a-concept!, I feel pretty motivated and energized
  3. How much easier it is to be a unique, refreshing, and completely unexpected concept when I have the confidence that I am, and believe who I am is enough
  4. Trying to manufacture that uniqueness is ineffective and definitely not unique 


YOU- nique.

What a concept!

Dumb and Dumber 2 Lesson


So they’re doing it again…to the delight of countless fans and…to the disgust of the Dumb-brand-of-comedy critics.

In the nineties, I was one of those “discriminating” critics who refused to subject myself to something so sophomoric, degrading, and insulting. Ironically, my mother made me watch the movie and I laughed so hard I could barely breathe.

Which reminds me to:

  1. Quit taking my opinions so seriously
  2. Give things a chance before I banish them
  3. Stop arrogantly wasting my energy and breath on condemning the tastes of others

Why Dumb and Dumber 2?

  1. Laughter is medicine
  2. I want to feel better about the dumb things I do (which, I guarantee, are smarter than the things Harry and Lloyd do)

So, cheers to Dumb and Dumber To!







before I saw it.



The Truth about Excuses

1. No one is buying.

2. While we’re dishing them out, our “stock is falling.”

3. By not making them, we are preserving the airspace and making it more pleasant for those who must share it with us.

4. Want to sound immature? Make an excuse after every failure.

5. Only novices rattle on about all the reasons they failed.

6. The wise honestly own their failures, extract their value, and move on quickly.

7. Making excuses is not only is a waste of our time, it is a waste of everyone else’s too.

8. When our excuses get to someone else’s ear, it sounds like this, “Blah, blah, blah.”

9. Excuse making won’t be such a temptation if we remember our value is not dependent upon the opinions of others.


10. We’re worth more than that.



Are You Sure You Want to Be Sad about That?

Health professionals tell us that when a baby cries, they are strengthening their lungs. I thought that was bull until recently.

Our three-legged dog, Coyote’s original owner came back from South Africa. I was so sad because his owner would have to crate him all day. He howled and cried so much that his bark was hoarse. But, prior to this, he had a hacking cough due to congestive heart problems. Now, his lungs are completely clear.

Often we waste our time on regrets, sadness, disappointments, and resentment.

The movie, Sliding Doors, is about barely, and sadly, missing out on something that radically changes a life. The movie shows the two paths that, ironically, (spoiler alert) end up in the same place.

sliding doors

The stories we tell ourselves aren’t always true.

Recipe for Madness

sedaris quote

Ha-ha. I like David Sedaris’s honesty about people and the fact that he figured out the futility of trying to change them way earlier than I did.

Just for the record (because you won’t believe me and will insist on going through all the torture of learning this for yourself), when I quit trying to change people and just loved them as they were, here’s what happened:

  1. They wanted to change for me (partly because I wasn’t so frickin’ annoying anymore)
  2. I saved a lot of time needlessly worrying about what other people were doing
  3. And, as an added benefit, I loved, forgave, and accepted myself more

I hope you’ll try it before I did, or before you start jabbering incoherently about aliens in a public park.