If the Therapist Falls Asleep

I started thinking that I probably wasn’t living my best life when my therapist fell asleep during our counseling session. I’m sure that listening to me wallow in my misery was painfully tedious, especially since the solution was so obvious; I needed to move on.

It took another year before I would entertain that idea (even though, for several months, I had been hoping I would die on my way to work!).

Looking back, it is hard for me to believe I was so stubbornly attached to such a painful construct.  What we think is necessary…often is not.

I hope you will hear life calling you today more quickly than I did.

Look for the clues outside your normal.

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PS. If we are not in therapy, we may want to notice how bored our friends are with our diatribes.

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Who Needs Enemies?

Recently a man was telling me about his disappointment with his life. He said that after all the work he had done to improve himself and find success, he was still just where he started. This reality was enough to convince him…

  1. the world was irreparably screwed up
  2. everyone hates introverts
  3. women are gullible and only fall for jerks
  4. people take pleasure in excluding him

When I asked him what would happen if he just focused on showing genuine, non-judgmental interest in others, he erupted into a diatribe about his own innocence, defending what he had or had not done.

I couldn’t help thinking what this man would be if he had invested as much time in hearing as he had in telling.


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