Think Again

If you think you do not have the power to make someone happy, think again.

It doesn’t take money. It doesn’t take position. It doesn’t take intelligence.

It only takes a smile.

Or a thank you.

Or a text.

Or a good wish or prayer.

You don’t even have to walk or talk for that.

(But, if you have money, power, and/or position use those things too.)

The problem with depression is that we spend too much time thinking about what we can’t rather than about what we can do.

Right now, I’m going to think love and send love to someone who needs it.

And the next time I feel useless, I’m going to do the same.

The world is full of people who will never tire of that.

And, Then I Want Things

  1. I forget to delight in the people and things around me.

2. I start to compare my situation to others. I begin to envy, pity myself, or focus on petty inconveniences.

3. I start to want things I don’t have.

4. I lose my inner light and strength. I become dark and common.

The Whole World at Our Disposal?

It sounds bizarre to believe the whole world belongs to us when we feel (and most likely have experienced) quite the opposite: poor, helpless, and abandoned.

But, I am starting to understand why it might be true.

Just the other day, while working on a discouraging project, I decided to exchange an attitude of scarcity and defeat for an attitude of hope. It took a day or two, but, I began to…

  • attract abundance from “nowhere”
  • have new ideas
  • feel joy and energy to take steps forward
  • be an encouragement instead of a drain to others around me

To know nothing is lacking is to agree with the same abundant Universe that has remarkably sustained me until now.

Best Exercise for a Broken Heart

“The heart is a muscle like any other and the best exercise you can do for it is called picking yourself up off the floor.” 

– I Wrote This Just For You (2011 Central Avenue Publishing)

It feels like you can’t get up
It feels like the pain will never subside
It feels like it’s no use
It feels like living is meaningless

Don’t believe the lie

Get up anyway
And keep doing it

Your heart will soon astound you with its strength

When I think of what I would have missed if I had not…

Who knew?

Neutralizing the Power of Jealousy

Nothing kills my happiness and motivation faster than comparing my success or performance to someone else’s; someone who might appear wealthier, more talented or credentialed, smarter, better looking, or just plain luckier.

Since I’ve been down that painful road many times before, I now stop myself and repeat this mantra:

“Using my gifts to benefit others is my purpose in this life. That purpose and mission has nothing to do with what the purpose and mission of someone else might be.”

Charmed Past Myself

When things don’t seem to change or the fight goes on too long I have been known to quit. It seems the logical thing to do.

“What’s the use?” I say to myself.

People such as Lincoln, Gandhi, Mandela, Harriet Tubman, and countless others assure me there is a “use” for perseverance, good reasons to keep going.

Heroes are heroes because they continued on, resisting the darkness of discouragement, clinging with their last breath to the belief that right must prevail regardless of what happens to them.

Today, this legacy of character charms me past myself, moves me to a bigger life, inspires me to reach for the inspiration from the angels…and from the men and women who have changed the world for me.

Original Post 2013

Organize Your Life Around It

Sometimes, I wake up and my day seems manageable. Then, out of the blue, a curve ball flies into my face and knocks me off kilter for the remainder of the day.

Other times, I wake up agitated.

Then, there are those days when I wake up feeling unconquerable.

Regardless, (I learned the hard way) finding calm before I unleash myself on the world is essential.

A peace of mind that runs deeper than my circumstances…always the most important accomplishment of the day.

How Much for that Genuine Article?

Whatever you do today
Don’t miss the fun of being genuinely, authentically you

Not an imitation of someone

You thought was somehow better than
Or more interesting than you
Not a replica of the ideal you (minus your secrets)
Whom you prefer people to believe is really you
Instead of the version of yourself who is buried in worry
About your past, money, future, weight, weaknesses, habits or acne

Because, (and this is really important)

When you are buried or hiding the whole you
The bargain hunters won’t be able to find you
And celebrate all the way home
Texting their friends with the news
That their life has suddenly changed

Because of you

(Original Post May 2013)

Does It Burn?

I am just now reading the book, Unbroken about Louie Zamperini’s story of survival.

Inspired to become a stronger person by the story, I know that means keeping a fire burning inside me that is brighter than the ones that have threatened, and will threaten my survival.

I had never thought of challenges this way before. Now that I have, I will let pain remind me to dig deeper within before I panic, give up, or curse God.

Go on. Get Drunk.

This probably sounds outrageously absurd…unless you have tried it.

I dare you.

Even if you are in the pits.

Sit down and start making a list of…

  • all the people who have EVER done anything nice for you
  • the most beautiful things you have ever seen
  • your body parts that are still useful and NOT hurting
  • moments that made you laugh out loud
  • your favorite songs
  • should I go on?

If we resist the temptation to say, “Yeah, but…” or get sidetracked by some complaint or heartbreak, we can’t avoid the flicker of joy, the smile, then the laugh.

And, if we continue to wallow in our favorite things (until we can’t remember why we forgot about them), people in our lives will begin to want what we are having.