Drama Haters…or Not?

A woman I met this week on an airplane complained about everything the entire flight…loudly. Toward the end of the flight she asked me why I was going to Denver.

“To speak about being drama-free at a conference,” I answered, impaling her with my eyes.

Her response?

“Good for you. So many people have a problem with that and those people have made my life miserable.”

Her oblivious response was not a surprise. Typically, those of us who cause the most drama denounce it the loudest. Mentioning it to her would have done no good. It took years and multiple messengers before I saw the drama in myself. And when I finally got it, I quit wasting the airspace with hate for anyone and anything that crossed me.

Here’s to a drama-free day!

When Is It Safe to Say, “I Love You?”

Whenever you feel like saying it.   If…

  • You have no strings attached
  • If it is honestly how you feel
  • When you don’t mean something else by the phrase such as “I want you to love me.”
  • When the other person shares your understanding of what the words mean

Love is not complicated when:

  • There is no deceit or manipulation
  • There is no co-dependency
  • Both people have healthy emotional detachment
  • Both people involved know how to love and respect themselves
  • Boundaries and expectations are agreed upon

no fear in love

If your love has fear, its something else.