Dreams Are the Naked Truth

This Judith Orloff quote, “Dreams are the naked truth; get ready for it” got me out of bed this morning to process dreams about feeling trapped in a tragic situation without options. In addition to waking with more compassion for those who live in addiction, with addicts, or without a voice, the dreams also gave me timely insight about myself that I could use today.

My last conscious prayer before falling asleep had been, “Help me to learn tonight in my dreams.”

Step One: Awareness

Instruction is available to teach my sub-conscious mind

Step Two: Acceptance

Insights, although often painful, are accessible when I take time to review and receive the unfiltered, naked truth.

Mockery Alert

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Better not to mock

Even though tempted

When people and ideas sound nuts

Better to count on the

Unlikely dreams of dreamers

Than trample them


Better yet to dream

The longed-for and

Unlikely dreams 

Hallucinations that have a chance

To become realities for

The earthbound who mock


(Just in case you hear one of my crazy ideas…)

Gotta Name It to Banish It



One of the purposes of therapy and counseling is to help clarify what is really bothering us. Not the surface stuff. Not the fluff. Not the things we are mad at others about.

The real underlying phobia or pain.

Dreams also serve as my therapist, helping me see what is really going on in my psyched-out psyche.

Recently I was angry with someone for how they were treating me. But, in my dream, I was the one who was unjustly lashing out.

I woke up with new ego-less insight of their point of view and was able to heal the rift in a jiff.

Its name? Pride. I did not want to give up being right even if it meant being fixed.

Dream Power

A few nights ago I had all of the out-of-control dreams: cars and people that wouldn’t cooperate, etc.

I woke up tired; but, alas, aware that all of it was about my buried fears.

The next night I read Neil Gaiman before bed and dreamed of doing daring things for the right reason.

I woke up buoyant; ready for whatever life had in store.

Words in books have saved my sanity more times than I can count.

Words in the unlikely books that I have read accidentally or reluctantly have done the most good.

When I talk to someone who is disillusioned and depressed, I pray they will read or listen to books that will fly into their dreams to fuel their hopes, change their mind, and expand their world.

Finding Our Lost Abilities

So, I had this dream about heaven. I now have these lingering memories of what it feels like to have…

  • pervasive love and acceptance
  • profound peace
  • intuitive communication (telepathic, no need for words)

Watching animal communicator, Anna Breytenbach work with animals, or reading about the Hawaii healing art, Ho’oponopono, reminds me of that Heaven dream. Some think that communicating without words is a natural ability that humans are born with, yet have forgotten to use. Love, acceptance, and peace certainly tend to fall in that category, as well.

I can’t think of a better pursuit than that of recovering those lost abilities.

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Image result for ho'oponopono

Hallowed Halloween











“We sometimes think we want to disappear, but all we really want to be found.”

The message of this photo carries a revelation about the fun of dressing up on Halloween. As a kid, I looked forward to being noticed and talked to by adults who normally ignored me.

Last night I dreamed that I was with a large group of adults who were walking around zombie-like, doing very strange things. I was confused about what was going on until overhearing the organizer say, “When someone eventually shows enough interest to ask what you are doing, you may have a difficult time answering. You have been doing this for so long that you may have forgotten why.”

This Halloween, see more than costumes. We all want to be found.

(Originally posted 10.31.12)

Tortured by Phantoms of Rejection

Abject terror! My heart is racing. I am in a terrifying maze, several stories high, open and dangerous, running and hiding to escape malevolent, ghostly creatures who are descending upon me to destroy.  When I successfully dodge them, they regroup and drop down upon me with doubled fury. Waking suddenly, I cry out loud, “Phantoms of rejection!”

I sit up in bed and think about the implications; how fear of failure had stifled me, how “rejection scars” are still holding me back from taking new risks, and, how I have been unwilling to admit my fear of being under-valued by other humans. Wow.

While millions are dealing with the real demons of war, poverty, disease, and brutality, I am incapacitated by phantoms of rejection.

It’s about time I grew up and faced down my demons.

Or I can continue to live small and infect others with my pettiness.

face your demons before you become one

Farco Quonks

These words were on my mind when I woke this morning.

Besides wishing these were real words for playing Words with Friends, I thought farco quonk may have described my state of mind at that moment; as in, “I was in a real farco quonk.”

You’ve probably been in a farco quonk before and can relate. Here are some characteristics:

  • things are just a little off
  • you can’t think of anything worth getting out of bed for
  • un-diagnosable aches and pains
  • whatever is the operative word
  • you can’t quite remember that troubling dream, to-do list, or what exactly you said or did wrong.

The good news is that farco quonks don’t have to last long.

Mine went away when I resolved to do something useful and something kind.

john wesley quote

Good riddance farco quonks!

Taking on Too Much?

Waking from nightmares of frantic chaos, trying to fix things that won’t fix, caught in mucky situation after mucky situation, attempting to drive in roller-coaster conditions,  my first thought was where did that come from? Have I been frantic about trying to fix everything myself? Have I been complaining that people and things are not cooperating with me?

Duh. Yes.

The answer to my anxiety is not; I need more sleep and a vacation. Rather, the answer is; I need a vacation from myself!

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I can only get the rest I need by letting go of things I cannot control.


Did I forget that I was only in charge of love?

Loving my life this minute.

Loving God in others versus trying to play God for others.

Powerlessness: The Gateway to Power?

“It wasn’t something I could’ve done a few days ago. My ability to direct (my power) like a spotlight–this was new. What else, I wondered, was left to discover about myself?”

– Ransom Riggs (Hollow City)

These words of the frightened protagonist in Hollow City were my exact thoughts upon waking from a dream where I was manipulating matter and levitating objects in an extremely life-like, tragic situation.

But, I also felt the same astonishment about myself after I delivered a moving presentation and after I wrote my first book and my first blog.

I really, truly didn’t know I had it in me.

I wonder…do we all have a profound, noble core aching to respond to faint whispers from eternity, saying, “You are more than you have ever dreamed.”?