Facing the Music

Even if we get past Monday, going to work is hard.


  • we learn to treat everyday the same
  • find joy inside instead of outside
  • decide that life is about giving instead of getting
  • resolve to make the most of wherever we are

Happy Tuesday. This is the day we make life better for the people around us.

Nothing Had Changed


I bet you’ve had those days at work when you didn’t know how you were going to make it through. On one of mine, I unexpectedly received a complimentary phone call  from my boss.  Afterward, I was hopeful, motivated, and energetic.

Have you ever experienced a shift like this?

Your circumstances hadn’t changed, really. You still hadn’t had enough sleep. You were still buried in work. You still had a hang-over, problems with your kids, or too many bills to pay, etc.

But, you were suddenly happy because of a simple attitude shift.

This ability to change our physical state has reminded me to use my power daily to:

1) Control my own state, and to

2) Influence others’ states with words of hope

(originally posted in June, 2012)