The Moon Was on the Other Side

The other night I marveled at the almost-full moon. The next morning, it was full…and on the other side of the sky. I was asleep when it all happened. No one asked for my help or my expertise to keep the earth and moon in their orbits.

When I am trapped in my own dramas, it certainly helps to remember this…and that…

  • I am a very small puzzle piece in a very big picture
  • the only rational explanation for me being here is to learn awe, gratitude, and usefulness
  • my stress, angst, jealousy, anger, or bitterness may be utterly ridiculous
  • history, science, and astronomy are great perspective enhancers

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Are You Guilty?


Wait! Before making a list of those who have disappointed and caused disillusionment, it might be good to do a quick inventory of the times we may have done the same to others; overpromised and under-delivered, raised and dashed someone’s hopes, or created cynics in the wake behind us.

Very few of us can say that we have never broken a promise.


Quick tips for correcting the over-promising habit:

  1. Don’t make promises motivated by guilt: “I’ll help,” or,”I’ll call you,” etc.
  2. If uncertain, or not sure how to respond to an invitation, it’s better to say, “Maybe” than “Yes,” or “Sure.”
  3. If “no” is the answer, decline early with grace.
  4. Write down on a to-do list what you said you’d do.
  5. Do it. Even if it’s hard.