A Nerd’s Whacked Out Valentine’s Day Meditation

“We are all differently broken, semi-functional, rusted out love machines.” – Hank Green


Love machines because…

  1. we are fueled by love
  2. we can dispense love
  3. we (consciously or unconsciously) seek love

Differently broken because…

  1. life brought a plethora of seemingly random mishaps and tragedies
  2. love broke each of us in uniquely painful ways
  3. we were irrationally rigid when we should have been flexible

Semi-functional because…

  1. we don’t comprehend others’ points of view
  2. we can be irritatingly stubborn, slow adapters of helpful information and insight
  3. we are scared of failure, getting burned, rejection, our emotions, and being out of control

Rusted out because…

  1. we have under-loved
  2. (and over-focused on things that seemed more important but weren’t)
  3. we gave up too often and settled for love substitutes

Happy V-Day and thanks, Hank!

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

“We are the superhero, none of us individually, but all of us together.” – Hank Green

Accepting this truth solves multiple ego problems.

Which happens to be one of the absolutely remarkable themes of Hank (brother of John) Green’s first novel.

If you haven’t read it yet, here is another absolutely remarkable (and very notable) theme…

Uncomfortable but true, the SF tale is packed with timely reminders of…

  • our vulnerability
  • the penalty our insecurity and arrogance will extract from our relationships
  • the destructive power of hatred and fear
  • how wrong we can be when we think we are so right
  • how much we need each other

Whether you like fiction or not, you may have to admit that the Green brothers are smart, humble dudes who make remarkable insight absolutely entertaining.