Mighty Miss Mya to Our Rescue

If it is difficult to be grateful today…

If you need a jumpstart on gratitude because your life sucks…

Mighty Miss Mya is coming to help.


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Loved this ABC News Story.

I think I’ll watch it every time I hear myself sigh.

The Illusive Great Life?

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In order for my life to be great, I must first appreciate it…made no sense to me when I thought my life sucked.


I always told people, “I do appreciate my life, but…”

I wanted a better life now, and everything seemed to be against me. I didn’t know that the “but” was the obstacle. That craving, that longing, that discontent stopped me from loving what I already had enough to feel the joy. Because…

Joy attracts more joy.

I had to start smiling at my life, my future, and my predicaments. Really.


Joy attracts more joy.

Unhappiness pushes away joy…and people…and opportunities.

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Now, I know.

Now, I know my first routine (and most important) of the day is to feel more joy. Especially, when I feel there is none.

New MO

Okay, so I owe an apology to family, friends, teachers, ex-bosses, and all the others who tried to help me grow up.

All that whining.

All that finger-pointing.

All those buts.


But, finally, a new MO.

Yes instead of NO.

Walk not talk.

Hearing instead of jeering.


Struck not stuck.

Cool instead of fool.

“This Is What’s Gonna Happen.”

This Reba McIntyre quote parallels similar quotes by Oprah and hundreds of other successful people; reflecting the simple power of aligning our thoughts, words, and emotions with our desired future.

The problem for many of us is that our focus is on our frustration about what is not happening for us.

(Not the emotion of lack, frustration, or impatience; the emotion of joy, fulfillment, energy, and love. Feel it now.)

“It Doesn’t Mutter.”

What if those of us who walk around pathetically muttering to ourselves said only kind and productive things to ourselves instead?

What if we recognized the demeaning muttering for what it really is: unproductive babble? 

Hope doesn’t mutter. It smiles instead.

Love doesn’t mutter. It boldly urges us on.

Joy doesn’t mutter. It sings.

Self-talk matters. The right self-talk doesn’t mutter.


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Why Do Things Have to Be So Hard? (Encore)


(“God gives every bird its food, but He does not throw it into its nest.” – J.G. Holland)

I always thought it would be a lot easier if God would do that.

Growing up, I was mostly a quitter, a cry-baby, and a whiner. My first response to a challenge was to complain and make excuses. The concept “never-give-up” was foreign to me. I repeatedly whined to God, “Why do things have to be so difficult?”

I now understand, that the Universe was desperately trying to help me find and claim my own capabilities and my own power.

Learning that I am stronger than I ever imagined has been a total surprise to meand a great relief to those who were throwing the food in my nest to shut me up.

Renaming Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th was my mother’s lucky day.

I can’t remember ever having a bad Friday the 13th, well, except maybe the day I went to see “Friday the 13th,” but, the superstitions part of me still wants to have it’s say. When Friday the 13th comes around, I hear myself thinking, “Uh-oh, watch out!” But, this year, I do not intend to listen.

Several years ago I started naming my years. Even-numbered years had always been my favorite until I noticed that the odd-numbered years had been more productive for me.  So, instead of entertaining doubts at the beginning of 2018, I named 2018, “My Best Year Ever.”

And…it has been.

I’m carrying over that lesson:

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Fail Early, Fail Often, and Fail Forward

Getting my head around this understanding of failure has been a real challenge.

Failure, to me, was always…

  • embarrassing

  • debilitating

  • terrifying

  • depressing

I spent many years hiding rejection scars, pretending I hadn’t failed, blaming and shaming myself and others about failures before I ever experienced the joy of failing forward.

“Failure is not your enemy but your guide to improvement.”

Changing to the habit of excepting my humanity, even laughing at my propensity to fail, has brought me massive relief…and always…closer to success.