Feeling Offended?

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I love this quote. It reminds me that insults only hurt if they hit close to home or if we invest a lot of time protecting our ego from them.

The happiest people are those who spend the least time feeling offended.

To get there, I have to be comfortable with my innate value as a human in training. 

Happy day to you…dealing with whatever comes your way.

Giving or Taking Energy?

We often kid ourselves into thinking that we are not guilty of taking energy from people even though it is so very common for others to steal our own.

When we lapse into negativity, nagging, self-centered behaviors, or playing the victim (by complaining about people and circumstances), we inevitably join the ranks of the “energy thieves.”

Even when we judge another’s motive, expect everyone to be energized by the same things that energize us, or fail to value someone’s feelings and opinions as much as we value our own, we have become a drain versus a fountain of refreshment.

It is easy to detect the “drain” in others. More difficult to see it in ourselves.

Sometimes other people “suck.” Sometimes it is us.

Are You Ordering What You Really Want?

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After having massive tech challenges with a new phone and new web server, I heard myself saying, “They have screwed me up forever.”

What a pronouncement! No wonder my challenges were not improving! Adjusting to, “I’m sure things will work out soon,” the unfixable was miraculously fixed.

A few days before that experience, frustrated about airport delays, I had exaggerated on the phone, “I probably won’t get home until after nine o’clock!” When I walked in my door, it was ten after nine.

How often do I need proof that…

“Whatever we say about ourselves and our lives is the “order” we are placing in the Universe’s restaurant.”

Lisa Nichols

John Assaraf and Lisa Nichols remind us to use our thoughts and words to order a better future for ourselves.

Happy People Are Sexy (Encore)

Want to be more appealing to the opposite sex?

  1. Have a generous and sincere smile

  2. Be genuinely interested in others without strings attached

  3. Laugh at yourself

  4. Delight in life

  5. Be responsible but healthily detached from outcomes

  6. Be courageous

Anxiety is the thief of competence.

Self-absorption is the thief of sex-appeal.

Even if you are struggling with depression, a negative self-image, unemployment, health issues, job stress, or family challenges, letting go long enough to get out of your narrow prison and see the wide world out there will bring vast benefits to you and others.

You have what it takes to conquer your challenges.

Surrender your ego and your fear…and watch the world come to you.

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But I Can’t Stop Long Enough to Do This

It is easier to move from thing to thing to thing than to stop and understand who I am that moves from thing to thing to thing.

I have learned from painful experience, that when I try to move from thing to thing to thing without first understanding who I am and who I am not, my work is inferior to the work I could have done had I taken the time to know first. 

When I am not occupied with protecting my self image, when I can smile at my finiteness, then I am the best version of myself, moving with lightness through time.

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It is so hard to know myself because I think the doing is the being.

I think I am here and I will always be here.

I think there is no mystery.

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What Are We Expecting People to Be?

Are you angry at the people who have let you down?

Are you anxious about all of the injustice, abuse, and discrimination in this world?

Are you ashamed enough of your own failures that you deny, rationalize, or hide them?

When we quit expecting people to be our saviors

When we cease pretending there is no dysfunction and, instead, anticipate it

When we give up expecting ourselves to be something other than human…

We will finally have a chance to live

Without the constant and familiar war with anger, anxiety, and depression

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When Sadness Strangles the Future

Whenever I think I can’t go on without someone or something (which I have lost to the past), this Henry David Thoreau quote reminds me to face forward.

It wouldn’t be so important if I could be mentally healthy and still live in the past. Since I cannot, I must assume that the future holds more hope and opportunity than I am inclined to believe.

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Looking back to learn or to honor is one thing.

Perpetual mourning is another.

One refreshes.

The other strangles.

When Being Depressed Is a Good Thing (Encore)

  1. When we have been brave enough to get real with ourselves – Sometimes the absolute shock of seeing ourselves sans the protection of our ego will initiate a mourning for our old, though totally inaccurate, self-image.

  2. When we have been kind enough to “weep with those who weep” – There is beauty in the gentle tread of someone willing to share pain.

  3. When we have been insightful and passionate enough to bear the weight of the world’s sadness – A Chicago Tribune reporter in Abraham Lincoln’s time commented, “…the man’s gloom came from a depth of character. His speaking went to the heart because it came from the heart.”

  4. When we have been honest enough to do the right thing in spite of the consequences –

Lincoln's resolve

Abraham Lincoln is my kind of depressed man.

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When Crazy Comes (Encore)

At times, we have all been unstable.

Circumstances have taken us off guard and driven us into deep anxiety or depression. But, when it happens, we don’t have to stay there.

If we choose to stay, those around us will be dragged into our complaints, negativity, fear, and neurosis. Or, we can rise above our circumstances by tapping into age-old wisdom for finding or regaining emotional strength:

  1. First rule: quit taking ourselves so seriously

  2. Happiness is always illusive when we are focused on ourselves

  3. Own our mistakes and make things right

  4. Forgive as we would like to be forgiven

  5. Fully utilize the power of gratitude to keep perspective

  6. Strength rises and falls according to our thoughts

  7. Cease comparing ourselves, worrying about others, and, merely give our gifts with no strings attached

life is too short to be small

Life is too short to be small. -Benjamin Disraeli