About Time

If you haven’t seen this delightful 2013 movie About Time, it is a refreshing reminder to relish life, one ordinary day at a time. If you don’t want to see the movie, or feel like your life is too ordinary to get excited about, try this:

  • Look out your window as if you were on vacation, traveling to your city and your neighborhood for the very first time
  • See your family and friends as if for the first time
  • Forget about what you want them to do differently and delight in them just as they are

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Stay tune for great joy. And…it’s about time!


Whether my tasks today is cleaning toilets or working my dream job, being the boss or looking for a job, changing diapers or signing autographs, going to the hospital or going on vacation, trying to get well or trying to excel, my obligation is still the same; do it with love. Do it all with love.

The highest task will be lowered without it.

The lowest task will be elevated with it.

There is nothing more important than being here, completely here, right now, with the passion and joy that is only born of love.


Let go of anxiety and live.

Attracting More of the Same?

Many of us don’t realize how we fully disclose our baggage, age, bitterness, and negativity by our subtly toxic remarks, and, how those remarks define our future.

Easiest ways to repel happiness, the right circumstances, and the right people:

  • Post uncomplimentary quotes on social media about the opposite sex, politicians, the government, you name it
  • Talk about how things aren’t as good as they used to be
  • Mention the bad luck you always have
  • Discuss the things you fear about the future
  • Pass wholesale judgments on things you know little about
  • Complain about traffic, the weather, taxes, prices, and how people treat you



Maybe they aren’t crazy, but just smart enough to know the difference between things they can change and things they can’t.

Salt of the Earth?

People who are the good earth’s salt

by the quality of their seeing

by the proof and distillation of their presence

and by the simple weight of their being

season things up for us all

Their generously unconscious yet full-bodied spirits

remind us how we have sadly processed ourselves

into uninteresting and bland

how we have reheated and reused the stale and outdated

until we were chillingly empty

of all vital nourishment

how we have become tasteless staples

unable to give others the taste of wow

or to savor (even for ourselves)

that subtle hint of our own divine flavor

the show-stopping WAM! BANG! POW!

of being completely present, right here

right now

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Things to Take in Stride

1. When people disappoint us. (We all screw each other up. Most of the time, it’s because we’re all learning as we go, trying to figure out how to get by.)

2. When life doesn’t turn out the way we thought it would. (Peace is about accepting what is, first, and not wasting our time being angry or arguing about what is.)

3. When someone doesn’t appreciate us. (So? Our essence and value cannot be altered by someone’s opinion.)

underestimate me

4. When we fail. (As if failure is not an essential part of the human experience, of success, of learning humility and other important things!)

4. When things seem hopeless.


Two-Minute Tune-Up 11.27.12 Holiday Challenge

Just see what happens if you:

  1. Never complain about how much you have to do.
  2. Only say positive things about the holiday season.
  3. Pretend that the spirit of everyone’s holidays will be determined by your emotional state!

In reality, your emotional state not only transforms YOU, it also transforms people around you. We have so much more power than we ever imagined! We can take charge today… from wherever we are. We don’t have to wait until we feel better, certain things happen, or someone does what we need them to do, etc.

Real joy comes from deciding to be joyful…right now, and until it is who we are.

Two Minute Tune-up 5.9.11 Oh Happy Day… with Secretariat

Oh Happy Day! I spent my Mother’s Day over the Pacific Ocean…but had the BEST Mother’s Day gift watching Secretariat on the plane! Some of it is sooo Hollywood, but the story is inspirational enough to cover for its weaknesses.

Here are the take-aways; 1) Don’t take no for an answer when you know you’ve got something good! (I really needed this.) 2) LIVE life! and, 3) When you are born to run, you must run. Whatever you were born to do…you’ve gotta do it…whatever the cost! Go for broke…even if your family thinks you are crazy:).

If you need a little inspiration today…Secretariat might take you there!

Two Minute Tune-up 4.27.11 Trillions upon Trillions

My friend, Mary, called me a few days ago and told me to go outside and listen.

As I sat outside, I heard what she wanted me to hear; the celebration of birds and dancing leaves.

I also saw a million leaves representing trillions upon trillions of intricate life-giving systems. I started thinking about the cells mitochondria and ribosomes and the veins that brought nutrients to the farthest cell in the farthest leaf. Then, I thought of my own body’s micro universe of life.

Everywhere I turned were miracles; blades of grass, flowering plants, little insects, gentle breezes, a ball of light in the sky, billowing clouds and my own senses to experience the miracles.

Sometimes this exercise is all that has been missing from our lives.

Two Minute Tune-up 4.22.11 The Day Done Right

I bring to You this day.

If I can’t have it my way

Help me to see the day as it is meant to be;

Never really owned or belonging to me.

The day I planned is merely an intern’s version, a scribbled draft

Not hardly the reflection of Your time-perfected craft

Which ultimately unveils each day flawless and right

Once I have surrendered my anxiety-ridden oversight.

Two Minute Tune-up 4.18.11 The Right Face

When my son, Hudson, was 5 years old he said, “Mommy, that person has the right face.” I thought it was an odd thing to say until I realized he wasn’t talking about bone structure. He was talking about the smile.

A smile is a welcome mat for others.

If you don’t smile, two out of three people, because of self-esteem issues, water-under-the-bridge issues or their current challenges are going to think you are angry, don’t care or don’t like them.

If you don’t think you have anything to smile about, take inventory. It’s a small thing to give. And, it’s the beginning of a good day for you…and for many people who are looking for the right face.