Stop Acting So Small

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Ways in Which I Have Acted Small:

  • Being jealous of the place others have in the Universe

  • Whining about how unfair the world was to me

  • Hurting others to make myself feel better

  • Telling myself that I was more or less valuable than any other human being

  • Thinking I was common

  • Wallowing in my limitations and pain

  • Giving up too quickly

  • Failing to smile at the future and to act with courage

  • Ignoring the magnitude of the miracles that sustain me any given moment

  • Fearing scarcity and loss

Got Agility with Fragility?

“Life’s beauty is inseparable from its fragility.”

Dr. Susan David

The more inclined I have been to believe this, the easier it has been to avoid depression, anxiety, and the shock of everything being turned upside-down and inside-out in one insane instant.

When I look back on my life, I am astounded at how much time I wasted arguing with reality, pouting about why people didn’t behave the way I needed them to, upset about plans being ruined, and depressed because my picture of what life “should be” had been shattered by some (in my not-so-humble opinion) asinine person or circumstance.

The biggest difference for me now is the habit of questioning my not-so-humble opinion,

which yields more agility with fragility.

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How Refreshing!

Today, a women working in a bakery saw me. She saw me as a valuable being and not just another customer in a long line of customers, or another obligation in a long line of obligations. It was a rare and special treat…sweeter than the cake she helped prepare.

There are a few things in life that refresh our souls in a manner that nothing else can. I had two of them today: the first crisp and cloudless day of Autumn, and an encounter with a remarkable human being in an unremarkable place.

IZ Background Joy

After posting my “three joys” yesterday, my friend and reader, Betsy reminded me of the best “Hawaiian” music of all time. I included the link (under the pic) of IZ’s “Over the Rainbow” with the video of the celebration after his death. I thought you might want to join the 319 million plus who have watched this YouTube video and just see if it could be one of your “three joys.”


The “Art” of Loving

When I feel boring, uninspired, uninteresting, with nothing to give or no value to add, remembering this Van Gogh quote makes a difference for me.

I believe “there is nothing more artistic than loving people” because I have felt my heart revive by merely choosing to see people with love instead of judgement, and have seen rooms light up when people were selfless, and been moved beyond words when someone used their gifts (however small) with genuine passion for others.

I feel deep, inexplicable joy when I cross paths with someone who lives as if every individual and every moment has meaning.

So similar to the joy I experience when I see a Van Gogh painting.

About Time

If you haven’t seen this delightful 2013 movie About Time, it is a refreshing reminder to relish life, one ordinary day at a time. If you don’t want to see the movie, or feel like your life is too ordinary to get excited about, try this:

  • Look out your window as if you were on vacation, traveling to your city and your neighborhood for the very first time
  • See your family and friends as if for the first time
  • Forget about what you want them to do differently and delight in them just as they are

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Stay tune for great joy. And…it’s about time!


Whether my tasks today is cleaning toilets or working my dream job, being the boss or looking for a job, changing diapers or signing autographs, going to the hospital or going on vacation, trying to get well or trying to excel, my obligation is still the same; do it with love. Do it all with love.

The highest task will be lowered without it.

The lowest task will be elevated with it.

There is nothing more important than being here, completely here, right now, with the passion and joy that is only born of love.


Let go of anxiety and live.

Attracting More of the Same?

Many of us don’t realize how we fully disclose our baggage, age, bitterness, and negativity by our subtly toxic remarks, and, how those remarks define our future.

Easiest ways to repel happiness, the right circumstances, and the right people:

  • Post uncomplimentary quotes on social media about the opposite sex, politicians, the government, you name it
  • Talk about how things aren’t as good as they used to be
  • Mention the bad luck you always have
  • Discuss the things you fear about the future
  • Pass wholesale judgments on things you know little about
  • Complain about traffic, the weather, taxes, prices, and how people treat you

Maybe they aren’t crazy, but just smart enough to know the difference between things they can change and things they can’t.

Salt of the Earth?

People who are the good earth’s salt

by the quality of their seeing

by the proof and distillation of their presence

and by the simple weight of their being

season things up for us all

Their generously unconscious yet full-bodied spirits

remind us how we have sadly processed ourselves

into uninteresting and bland

how we have reheated and reused the stale and outdated

until we were chillingly empty

of all vital nourishment

how we have become tasteless staples

unable to give others the taste of wow

or to savor (even for ourselves)

that subtle hint of our own divine flavor

the show-stopping WAM! BANG! POW!

of being completely present, right here

right now

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Things to Take in Stride

1. When people disappoint us. (We all screw each other up. Most of the time, it’s because we’re all learning as we go, trying to figure out how to get by.)

2. When life doesn’t turn out the way we thought it would. (Peace is about accepting what is, first, and not wasting our time being angry or arguing about what is.)

3. When someone doesn’t appreciate us. (So? Our essence and value cannot be altered by someone’s opinion.)

underestimate me

4. When we fail. (As if failure is not an essential part of the human experience, of success, of learning humility and other important things!)

4. When things seem hopeless.