It’s Not Just Them

It is easy to think it is just my opponents who’s minds are being destroyed by greed, hatred, and ignorance. Yet, although uncomfortable to articulate, the three evils lurk within my mind as well. They may show up as subtle thoughts about getting what is due to me, or in an angry unwillingness to listen to another’s opinion, or even in the manner I go after food and drink or luxuries.

But, if I don’t cultivate acute self-awareness and consciously execute offensive attacks to uproot these bad seeds, I am just as prone to succumb to their destructive powers as anyone.

My strongest motivation to ruthlessly search for and weed out these culprits?

The knowledge that we never get away with bad-character decisions.

Two Minute Tune-up 12.9.11 The Frickin’ Boomerang Thing

All you send into the lives of others comes back into your own. – Mary Kay Ash
I quote this again because I woke up this morning thinking about resentment, hatred, grudges and jealousy and how they always punish the giver.  If we REALLY understood that, everything, I mean EVERYTHING we send out comes back into our own life, I think we would be way more careful about these things!
Give and it shall be given to you…whatever the gift may be!!!
So, if I want security, significance, kindness,  companionship, happiness, money, joy, etc., I must give those things to others first. No use crying about my lack. It’s how it works. ALWAYS.
Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy.  Wake Up and Live! – Bob Marley

Two Minute Tune-up 7.12.11 If it takes whining, clawing or grabbing to get it…

…it may not be worth getting.

In my own experience, when I’ve tainted the prize with greed, the prize steals my soul and, later, becomes a burden to me.

In the 2008 movie, The Other Boleyn Girl, Anne desperately wants to be queen. She claws and pushes her way in front of her sister, Mary, only to get the same brutal treatment from another woman shortly thereafter.

What we sow, we will always reap.

When I think I desperately need something, the first step is to realize, if it is mine…by divine right…no one or nothing can keep it from me or take it away from me. I never have to beg, cheat, lie, steal or worry to get or keep it.

It will come to me…accompanied by joy.