Labor Day Dissected and Revisited

(Starting a blog about Labor Day…I decided that my message from last year still held a message for me.) Happy Labor Day!

When patting ourselves on the back for what we have accomplished “all by ourselves,” it is a great exercise to look down and see who has held us up to see the parade. Besides the obvious Life-Giver, relatives, lovers, and caregivers, we all stand precariously upon the shoulders of…

builders, farmers, engineers, sanitation workers, inventors, miners, truckers, baggage handlers, carpenters, chemists, warehousemen, mathematicians, loggers, philosophers, artists, groundskeepers, teachers, dishwashers, architects, cooks, grocers, scientists, welders, doctors, administrators, technicians, auditors, and janitors, drivers, firemen, and policemen, etc., etc.

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The greatest star, leader, athlete, or visionary is nothing without the rest.

The absolute best Labor Day of all is not dependent upon weather, but, whether we see each other.