Especially When Darkness is Winning

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It’s a strange place we inhabit.

Who’s to say what joy may come out of pain? What life may come out of death? What light out of darkness?

But, we all can say (from experience) that despairing in pain, in darkness, or in death only made matters worse.

Ain’t no one got time for that!

So, who’s to say that we cannot challenge the darkness…and win?

Our heroes have.

Tricked by the Illusion of Lack?

If we complain about the things we lack, the things we are deprived of, or the people and opportunities we have lost, we shouldn’t be surprised by the chore of our existence or by the other disappointed and bitter individuals that we will inevitably pull into that illusion of lack.

If, instead of that, we recognize our choice, call the Universe abundant, and take one step up, what a different experience will await us.mlk



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I’ve posted this quote from before, but thought it might be time for a repeat.

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Stop the blame-and-shame-train with “What was I learning?”

Otherwise, it’s not just me that will suffer.

I will beat others up with my…

  • repetitive monologues

  • intolerance of others’ mistakes

  • destructive judgements and projections

When My Life Feels Watered-Down

When my life feels watered down is it usually because I have been too busy dodging life rather than corralling the power I need to master it.

Today, a personal inventory revealed a sucking hole in my center, and a trail of ho-hum results and interactions; all completely avoidable, had I just used a few of my breaths for observation and reflection before diving in.

The shocking truth, though, is how easily I can be fooled into thinking I am fine without making this effort.

Especially when the day seems run-of-the-mill.

Especially when everything seems just fine.

Especially when I think I’ve got this.

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Feeling Like an Imposter?

When Amy Cuddy reluctantly admitted in a TEDTalk that she had been plagued with feeling like an imposter, she connected with millions who have also lived in fear of being caught by the “fraud police.”

Had I known that I wasn’t the only one, I would have:

  • realized this feeling was part of the human experience
  • quit apologizing for being myself
  • been a lot more free to be authentic without shame
  • “brought my boldest self to my biggest challenges”

When my story about myself is one of being inferior to others, I shrink.

When my story is one of being enough, I occupy a larger space in the world.

We never have to apologize for being anywhere in this world.

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Click on the photo above to hear how to program our body language to change how we feel about our own right to be here.

The Physics of My Reality

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. -Albert Einstein

I love it when really smart people explain why my life sucked, scientifically.

I get it, now.

Before, I thought life was a what-the-hell-is-going-on judging game, versus what it really was: a simple, matching game.

Scoffing at Physics didn’t work. Being the abundance I want does.

Thanks, Einstein.

“This Is What’s Gonna Happen.”

This Reba McIntyre quote parallels similar quotes by Oprah and hundreds of other successful people; reflecting the simple power of aligning our thoughts, words, and emotions with our desired future.

The problem for many of us is that our focus is on our frustration about what is not happening for us.

(Not the emotion of lack, frustration, or impatience; the emotion of joy, fulfillment, energy, and love. Feel it now.)

Give the World Notice!

This is great advice for those of us who have been…

  • Tiptoeing around the Universe acting like it doesn’t belong to us.

  • Apologizing for ourselves constantly.

  • Whining about everyone getting the breaks except us.

  • Feeling like the world has passed us by.

Here’s what “giving the world notice” sounds like for me:

Listen up World! I’m gonna rock this day! It is never too late and I am never too old to use the gifts I have been given! I’m gonna light up my life and make a difference! I’m gonna live it like I mean it and people are going to be glad I was here! 

For the sake of those who need your talents, ideas, love, and passion, I hope you will give the world notice too!