Plunge Into the Pain of Discovery

The slap in the face of criticism, seemingly adverse circumstances, and radical change are only leading us into our new life.

We can have uninterrupted happiness, or at least peace, if we quit defending our pre-event condition.

One pleasant side-effect is that we don’t look ridiculous holding on to the skeleton of a lost cause.

Believe me; our illusion is much clearer to everyone else than to us.

(Original post March 2013)

I Am So Annoyed…or Is That Annoying?

Annoying Stuff that We Don’t Like about Others, but Do Ourselves:

1) Try to “fix” everyone

2) Blame others for our unhappiness

3) Cling to, and complain about stuff (without doing anything about it)

4) Hustle for worthiness and acceptance from others (instead of finding it within)

Quick Fix Tips:

1) Drop our own agenda for other people and just be present for them. 

2) Seek out a coach who will tell us the truth about ourselves. 

3) Reject fear. Study the brave.

4) Honor and value ourselves.

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Living a Lie?

So often we think we do someone a favor by staying in a job or in a relationship when our heart is not in it.

Afraid of change, taking a risk, or hurting someone’s feelings, we punish people inadvertently by being only “half there,” basically sending the message that they are unworthy of our soulful devotion.

Don’t think for a minute that it isn’t noticed.

We all have antennas for detecting insincerity, and (even if we pretend not to) we get the message regardless of elaborate deception strategies.

If you are in a lonely job or relationship, do everyone a favor by either:

  • Figuring out what has to change so you can engage your heart
  • Taking the first train out (so they can get a replacement who will)