Just Sing

People are a mess. Life is often a mess. Things happen. Death is inevitable.

But, sing anyway.

Look it square in the face and sing.

That may sound absurd, but when I do, I find courage. Sometimes, even a smile.


Music seems to connect me to a harmony above the chaos.

That’s a good reason to test the hypothesis, anyway. (Especially when we consider how important music has been in all the stages of our life, how imbedded it is in our memories, and how much music meddles with our emotions.)

When the Well Is Dry

When I am drained, bored, boring, unmotivated, cynical, or irritable I know one thing for sure; my well is dry.

When my well is dry, no amount of sleep, diversion, or doing what I’ve always done will fix it.

I must find a new source of fresh inspiration.

For me, that is as simple as reading a great writer or listening to a great composer or watching School of Life videos or just watching someone passionate about their work…whatever it is. 

My soul cries out for nourishment. And real nourishment is always available when we seek it.

“I’m Gonna Get Up and Make My Light Shine”

Listening to Boz Skaggs this morning as I work.

I’m gonna get up and make my light shine.

A terribly incongruent thought on days I do not feel like getting up and am a heck of a long way from shining.

Several years ago I was enveloped in sadness about my circumstances. A paralyzed friend told me I was being a wimp and a complainer. I was so angry with her, but she turned out to be right. I eventually claimed my strength and powered into a different life.

I’ve made up my mind to make my light shine.

She wasn’t denying my pain, just suggesting I face it with determination.

Painfully honest people in our lives are necessary to get us up and make our lights shine.

Searching for a Heart of Gold?

Searching for a heart of gold is a worthy quest, and not just for Neil Young. Neil Young might have been singing about a romantic connection, but we are all searching for hearts of gold in people we meet. It is like a quest for home.

A heart of gold is about honesty and authenticity. It is about loyalty and honor and about refusing to become small or vindictive in our words or actions.

And people with hearts of gold are not doormats, they are strong people who refuse to stoop to hatred.

To show respect to all people, even those who have disrespected us or treated others disrespectfully, is sometimes torture and often counter-intuitive. Yet, the reward of having that caliber of character is worth the exertion.

Bring Day of the Dead Alive!

The Day of the Dead  (Día de Muertos) is a Mexican holiday celebrated from October 31st-November 2nd that focuses on gatherings to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died and to help support their spiritual journey.

I was cynical about the holiday until I watched Disney’s Coco. Now I really get it! What an entertaining way to learn culture and appreciate death and forgiveness in a new way.

If I had seen this movie as a kid, it would have helped me get over my fear of death! And, it might have helped me learn more forgiveness and compassion, too.

If you haven’t yet seen Disney’s Coco, today might be the best day to do so.

The music alone is worth seeing the movie for.

Remember Me (Recuerdame) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWK_VlekdwM

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Who Will Stop the Rain?

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Actor Bryan Cranston (a.k.a Walter White) tells the story about a week-long rainstorm that inevitably led to the discovery of acting as his vocational calling. If he had not been stranded at a roadside picnic area in a pup tent during a motorcycle trip, he would not have been forced deep into his soul for answers.

The next morning: sunshine.

Suffering is inevitable. Leaning into it, learning from it, and really experiencing it sounds miserable, but ironically, is the least painful way to address it.

Who will stop the rain?

I guess it will have to be me.

“In the world you will have trouble, but, be cheerful because I have overcome the world.”

It is going to rain anyway, we may as well do more than get wet.

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“Find out What It Means to Me”

Preach on, Aretha.

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Where we mess up most often as humans is assuming it means the same thing to everyone.

Of course there are common elements, hence the Golden Rule.

Yet, personality communication preferences and “love languages” are so different, that we have all had colossal failures “doing to others as we want others to do onto us.”

Taking time to learn how different (not just women and men think) but task-focused and people-focused and introverts and extroverts think is a giant step into maturity and relationship success.

Learn fear-triggers. Learn love languages. Use the Platinum Rule: Do onto others as they want others to do onto them.

Find out what R-E-S-P-E-C-T means to me.


Two-Minute Tune-Up 11.13.12 Getting Along Better with Relatives (and Other Unmanagable People:)

What We Think of You

What we think of you doesn’t really matter.

In the early 1700’s people thought Johann Sabastian Bach’s music was “mediocre, too complex, and unsatisfactory.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Intellectual_Devotional

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Huh. So glad Bach didn’t get discouraged and quit before I had a chance to hear “Sheep May Safely Graze” three-thousand (okay, three hundred) years later.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCyJvRaQ3Dg

Gee, I guess public opinion can be wrong.

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I can, and should, learn and grow from what other people say about me, but if I start measuring my worth by it, everyone loses.