If Trees Are Just Trees (Repost from 2013)

(Thank you to whoever clicked on this past post and reminded me of my homage to trees. It made me stop and look again.)

I hope you will too.

If trees are just trees to you
And not jaw-dropping edifices that rose out of dirt
(The freakin’ dirt!)
As inconspicuous as grass
Somehow spared by mower, herbivore, and weather
If they are not high-performance landscape
Original works of art
Treasured shade and succor for myriad versions of life
Housing super-highways of nutrients
Commanding leaves of every color in the spectrum
Blossoms, both dainty and strong
Geometrically modern and traditional
Nuts, cones, burrs, berries, fruit, and flower
All manner of inventive offspring
(Oh! And don’t forget the bark!)
You won’t get it when I say
You are born of magic and have power beyond your wildest imagination.

Things Always Get Crazy When…


Things always get crazy

When I don’t know what to do next

And feel empty or useless


I remember the answer may be love

Or removing obstacles to love

Not about accomplishing something.


Things can get so crazy

That I will forget about those who,

So similar to me,

Might not have a clue about what to do 

Or how to do it either


Fed by the Birds

Even in the city

Nature nourishes

When I peek out of my over-tended nest

To marvel at the rituals and flight maneuvers of crows

And listen to their squawking voices

To silence 

The droning static of my own


Big life is living everywhere around me 

As mine flies quickly by

Sustained today, as Elijah,

By birds of the ancient sky

Image result for crows in the city

I know that some of my readers don’t particularly enjoy poetry. So, for you, today’s word is STOP. Stop long enough to question the seriousness of the noise inside to find sustenance outside.

The Judicious Sun and Rain

If you ever doubt your place in the world or your right to be here:

  1. Notice how the breeze doesn’t skip over you to go to someone else
  2. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin
  3. Watch the rain fall without respect of persons
  4. Experience gravity without paying a utility company for it
  5. Breathe the air without cost
  6. Sit on the grass, put your hand in a stream, or enjoy a tree…rent free


This is your world as much as anyone’s. Live free. Without apology. Feel honored.

Give love back to the Universe. The Universe has loved you for a long time.

Things We Can’t See without Assistance

  1. The infinite number of living creatures sharing the space with us
  2. The complexity of the integration of every living thing (that has lived and will live) with our own existence
  3. The “why” of our own specialization and specifications
  4. How we are perceived by others
  5. The difference we are making in the world


With that acknowledgement, beauty and peace are finally accessible.

courtesy of geekdad.com

courtesy of geekdad.com



Two-Minute Tune-Up 3.3.13 Look Mom! I Discovered a Mountain Range!


It’s not difficult to be inspired and refreshed when nature looms around you, all twelve-thousand feet of pure majesty, or a chatty, icy brook runs over your bear toes on smooth rocks, or mighty, magnificent cedars rise above you, splintering the sun into angelic pathways.

But, when life has chained us to a desk or to a seemingly small, cloistered existence, or when we have forgotten the weight of our own majesty, we must go on an expedition within to find that universe of wonders.

Despite our skepticism, it really only takes a few minutes of stillness before we can hear the beat of ducks’ wings rising, wet from the brook, flying, as if choreographed, toward a snow-patched peak.



Two-Minute Tune-Up 10.12.12 Big Little Things

My dog relieved himself on a delicate, little, intricate flower peeking out of the grass.  As I watched it dance in the downpour, I wondered about a creator that tends to such transient, often ignored, beauty.

This mystery is everywhere: in the patterns on a horse apple, on the top of an acorn, in the eyelashes of a dog, or even upon the skin of a chicken leg. And, as I breathe, I marvel at the pattern of majestic chemical transfer that happens with each breath in every single living being.

Can we relax into the knowledge that the details of our lives are immensely valuable even when we feel undervalued in the world?

Accepting this proof of big love can save you today.

Two-Minute Tune-up 2.9.12 What’s So Cool about the Rhythm, Quiet, and Majesty of Nature?

Is it the movement of water, wind, earth, and fire that call you back to the fundamental building blocks of your existence? Is the elemental essence of you trying to get your attention: to pull you off the cluttered path and back to your memory of the rhythm, quiet, and majesty that has always been in you?

Duh, you knew that.

But, have you accessed the power of it by listening to the rhythm of your own heartbeat or breath, by noticing the quiet of your blinking eyelids and the tingle in your own fingertips and toes, or by allowing the utter majesty of your vast and intricate nervous system to move you?

I’m not going weird or new-age here, just waking up to the awe of it all.

Two Minute Tune-up 8.26.11 Just a Little Rain Will Do Miracles

A single gentle rain makes the grass many shades greener. So our prospects brighten on the influx of better thoughts. – Thoreau

This morning, after a bath and putting on clean clothes, I noticed how refreshed my body felt. It struck me how my spirit longs for that type of refreshment as well.

This Thoreau quote is one of my favorites because it reminds me how quickly things change with just a little refreshment. All nature sings this simple secret.

Take time to refresh your spirit today. Immerse it in a pool of hopeful thoughts, positive words and wisdom from the sages all around you.

Your hope, help and refreshment is much closer than you realized.

Let your thoughts provide the rain.


Two Minute Tune-up 4.27.11 Trillions upon Trillions

My friend, Mary, called me a few days ago and told me to go outside and listen.

As I sat outside, I heard what she wanted me to hear; the celebration of birds and dancing leaves.

I also saw a million leaves representing trillions upon trillions of intricate life-giving systems. I started thinking about the cells mitochondria and ribosomes and the veins that brought nutrients to the farthest cell in the farthest leaf. Then, I thought of my own body’s micro universe of life.

Everywhere I turned were miracles; blades of grass, flowering plants, little insects, gentle breezes, a ball of light in the sky, billowing clouds and my own senses to experience the miracles.

Sometimes this exercise is all that has been missing from our lives.