Return from Tomorrow

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Psychiatrist George Richie, author of one of the first books about the NDEs (near-death experiences), shared these three insights in a television interview with Joan Rivers many years ago:

1) Immense and unfathomable love (vs. immense and unfathomable judgement) is in the afterlife.

2) Death is a mere continuation of life. There is no cessation of existence.

3) Our thoughts direct and determine what our afterlife is like. We go where our thoughts take us. George used the analogy of school to explain this; “just as if you are in first grade you wouldn’t try to get into a graduate program, so we admit ourselves to the ‘program’ for which we are the most suited.”

Three more good reasons to choose positive, beautiful, marvelous, healing, hopeful, and kind thoughts…right now.

(original post 2011)

Two-Minute Tune-Up 10.14.12 It’s That Simple

Reading Dr. Mary Neal’s account of her drowning adventure in To Heaven and Back has been unexpectedly refreshing and instructive. She recalls her hospital recovery, telling how her eyesight was so blurred that she could not watch television or read anything…except three passages that were mysteriously clear in the Gideon Bible; “Rejoice always,” “Pray without ceasing,”and “Give thanks in all circumstances.”

It seems to me if we followed those three admonitions (espoused by spiritual sages through the ages), life would be much more pleasant for all of us. They are not just platitudes.

Life without worry is possible…and we don’t have to wait for a dramatic, near-death experience to cash in!

Do it today. Feel the joy.