Tell Ourselves Good Stories in 2019?

We  constantly explain others’ behavior by making up stories about who they are and why they do what they do. Its much easier to think people are just plain idiots or jerks rather than people with scars, such as ourselves, who make mistakes or who are just trying to get by with limited courage, insight, or character-development.

I am not advocating naivete or letting others take advantage of us, but. since we are all making up stories anyway, why shouldn’t we try out the good ones before the bad ones?

I certainly appreciate that kind of mercy when I am a character in the story.

I challenge you to try. Let’s see how much less angst, anger, and frustration we can have just by starting with mercy in 2019.

(Modified original post from 2013)

What to Do with the Beginning?

Experience says, a real beginning is quite difficult to execute. To…

  • Let a new thought in
  • Kick an old thought out
  • Make a friend of a stranger
  • Give mercy where you condemned
  • Catch yourself saying something old and take it back
  • Forgive someone you never thought you would forgive
  • Doubt yourself where you have been sure
  • Read a book you’d never read
  • Love where you would have hated
  • Go a place you’d never go
  • Smile when you usually frown
  • Say something true where you have been false

They will not work unless they hurt.

But, if you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got.