Setting an Intention to Win instead of a Resolution

At the beginning of 2018, I decided I was sick and tired of hearing myself complain about my weight (which I had been doing for many years). I made a plan: try Weight Watchers or hypnosis. I had tried everything else. Counting calories since I was 18 years old, I thought I knew everything about weight loss.

I reluctantly enrolled in a WW program that would pay me back if I lost 10 lbs. in two months. That was not a resolution, it was a challenge. And, I wanted to win it.

To my surprise, it was fun and rewarding. I didn’t have to starve myself. I learned new tricks and new habits, got my money back, and started 2019 at my lowest weight since High School! Who knew I loved winning more than I loved wine?

Tell Ourselves Good Stories in 2019?

We  constantly explain others’ behavior by making up stories about who they are and why they do what they do. Its much easier to think people are just plain idiots or jerks rather than people with scars, such as ourselves, who make mistakes or who are just trying to get by with limited courage, insight, or character-development.

I am not advocating naivete or letting others take advantage of us, but. since we are all making up stories anyway, why shouldn’t we try out the good ones before the bad ones?

I certainly appreciate that kind of mercy when I am a character in the story.

I challenge you to try. Let’s see how much less angst, anger, and frustration we can have just by starting with mercy in 2019.

(Modified original post from 2013)

The Many Faces of “I Did It!”

“I did it!”

  1. Those three words can be life to my spirit, implying I have:

A) beaten the odds

B) accomplished a goal

C) risen above my fears or

D) given it my best shot

2.  Also important words when I am owning a mistake or failure. In that case, “I did it” frees me from the debilitating psychological and physical drain of hiding.

3.  Harmful if I use them to steal credit from someone else who deserves gratitude and recognition.

3.  Dangerous if I follow, “I did it” with “And, I’d do it again!” instead of humility. My mother used to say this with vehement arrogance and, then, cry herself to sleep.

Here’s wishing only the best “I did its” to you in 2019!

(Modified 2015 original Post)

Two-Minute Tune-Up 1.3.13 Help for Quitters

“If I don’t see tangible results fast or experience success when I expect it, I’m outta here!”

Sound familiar?  Unfortunately, this has been my experience and a New-Year’s-resolution-swan-song…far too often; starting off like a ball of fire and fizzling out fast. Here are some helpful ideas that are curing my malady.

  1. Pursuit of a worthy goal is success in itself. Feeling successful right now keeps my spirit buoyant.
  2. Trying to succeed to prove something to somebody else doesn’t work. Succeeding because it will make a difference for myself and others does.
  3. Fully utilizing my assets for “the dream that has put its trust in me” motivates: remembering I was born for a unique purpose.
  4. Courage, noble character, patience, tenacity, and joyful dedication are characteristics I love in others.


Two Minute Tune-up 1.1.12 SWITCH

Resolutions can be so fiery hot on Jan 1…then go into the sizzling-out stage by mid month.  (I hate it when that happens!)

I started getting much better results when I SWITCHED MY LANGUAGE from

 my resolution is…to…

 I AM… 

For example:

IN 2012 I am healthy. I am courageous, I am strong, I am fit, I am financially secure,  I am relentless,  I have successful relationships, I attract miracles, etc.


  • Say your goals or resolutions as affirmations EVERY DAY
  • See yourself in those roles and feel the joy of that state.
  • Laugh at yourself when you fail and
  • Repeat affirmations again

Your mind is fertile soil. Whatever seeds you plant in it WILL GROW. Plant these words and thoughts and watch what happens!

Happy 2012!