Positive Does NOT Mean Oblivious

For those of us who resist optimism because it seems irresponsible…

Responsible optimists do not look at a world full of pain and pretend it isn’t there, they see the trouble without letting it control them.

A few tips that make this possible:

  • Expect the best…but always be prepared for the worst.
  • Face everything with the belief that you will have the resources to deal with it.
  • Refuse to waste your time pouring blame and shame on others for bad stuff that happens. We all screw up. It’s part of the deal.
  • Remember heroes who have overcome.
  • Recall times when good came out of “bad.”
  • Determine to make the best of whatever happens.
  • Say (like a warrior), “I was born for this! Bring it on!”


Facing the Extremes

Frequently, in my dreams I am…

  • Being pursued by a deranged murderer
  • A victim of ethnic cleansing or genocide
  • Trying to survive in an unjust, poverty-stricken nation
  • Watching children die while helpless to do anything about it
  • Fighting against political oppression
  • Suffering in the midst of a natural disaster

When I awake, I am alert, not depressed. I find my life easy by comparison, and I find that the realism of these dreams:

1) Keeps me real and balances my optimistic approach to success in a world of pain 

2) Reminds me that I need to become a stronger person for the sake of those who suffer

3) Helps me be prepared for whatever is to come

As a result, I want my blogs to reflect a hopeful and optimistic depth.

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