Quick to Condemn You?

If I am quick to condemn you

I will be quick to hide my own darkness

If I am quick to forgive you for being human

I’ll be quick to find my own lightness of being

Quick to heal from disappointment with myself

Quick to hear mercy calling my name

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Image result for living in the shadows quotes

I am not afraid of your dark only because forgiveness provided the power to overcome and to make my own decisions in the light.

Who Invited Me? (encore)

Who invited me
To be the judge and jury of politicians and other flawed beings?
Who asked for my
Expert advice about how the universe SHOULD be run?
Who am I to judge
Those who have tried and failed or whose motives may be suspect?
If I want to judge
I must try myself, or not cast stones at those who do
If I come down
Off my throne and enter the race
It may prove
To be tougher than it looks from above the fray
It’s okay
To have an opinion and yes, passion, about what is fair
If I am willing to do more than screech about how I care

Speak up

(originally posted July 2015)

Three Choices

There are always three choices:

1. Mourn the past (If only…)

2. Long for the future (When I finally…)

3. Make the most of the present (What is life asking of me right now?)

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For me, this starts with replacements:

1. A smile for a frown (Yes!)

2. A laugh for a tear (Whatever!)

3. A challenge for fear (Bring it on!)

“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you have chosen it. Always work with it, not against it..this will miraculously transform your whole life.” – Eckhart Tolle

An Essential Reminder

I have taken you for granted.

I am surrounded by you everywhere, and have forgotten to notice

I have used you, haven’t I?

I have used you for complaints, sighs, and curses

For browsing, searching, hustling for meaning

While ignoring the refreshment you give to my one trillion cells


Without you, I can’t go on living (and that is not a metaphor)

Please don’t leave me

Give me another chance (or several) to show you the gratitude your deserve


Right now, I apologize.

I breathe in a breath full of you and promise to thank you more often

Atoms of Oxygen, will you accept my apology?

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(Posted in a different form last year, but figured reading it once a year wouldn’t hurt.)


Before Anything

Before I hand over my day to unknown demands

That may ask more of me than

I want, or am able to give

Before the centrifugal forces of survival

Throw me hard against the outer wall of my existence

I stand, empty handed, before You

The Universe

To hear the promise and assurance that I am…

Not just alive! But

Greater than or Equal to

Anything (and everything) that comes!

I stand here in this moment unashamed

To forgive myself for fear and weakness

And all others for the same

Bring it on.

Where Does Love Live?

Where does love live in my body?

In my eyes?

When they observe in gentleness

in no hurry to sneer or blink?

In my blood?

Rushing mile after mile, there and back

until every thirsty cell has its needed drink?

In my lungs?

Deeply breathing in the essential now

without thought for what comes next?

In my muscles?

Springing into action and relaxing

into benevolence?

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This poem was inspired by a meditation in the book, Practice You by Elena Brower.

(Thank you, Allison Graves, for the conduit of awareness.)

The Fading Victim

Rise up.

Lift your head with resolve

Relax your grasping hands and your furrowed brow

Drop the skeleton of your thwarted dreams

And walk away with a firm step planted in this good earth


The fading victim

(Just yesterday, so strong and threatening)

Has, at last, yielded 

To unexpected joy

(Written in memory of myself, rescued by the inspiration of a myriad of angels, women, and men whom the world was not worthy to know.)

Conserve Energy for Bigger Things?

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What I think about is my choice

My right

And my private privilege

Not yours

What I do with my pain is up to me, not you

It’s mine for the feeling

For as long as I want to feel it

For as long as I want to hand over

My power to it


So don’t tell me to change

If what I think about

Makes matters worse instead of better

That’s on me, not you


Now, where was I?

Should I stew in the powerlessness of yesterday

Or design in the explosive lab of tomorrow?


I didn’t know


I didn’t know 

That there were bigger things than my pain

To think about

New MO

Okay, so I owe an apology to family, friends, teachers, ex-bosses, and all the others who tried to help me grow up.

All that whining.

All that finger-pointing.

All those buts.


But, finally, a new MO.

Yes instead of NO.

Walk not talk.

Hearing instead of jeering.


Struck not stuck.

Cool instead of fool.

“Smile at the Future?”

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In those sleepless hours of eternal night

We can wrestle with demons and writhe 

Against the chains of insomnia


Smile at our ridiculousness

And slip into morning unscathed 


While sitting ringside for the collapse of our dreams

We can shrink in screaming pain


Laugh knowingly at our need for miracles

And silence the destructive waste


Tossed like a dry and broken leaf in the wind

We can denounce the moon and the tides


Release the energy caged in disbelief

And smile at the ride of our lives