It Is Never Enough

Even if I am acknowledged


Or have crossed the goal line while the crowd roars

It will not be enough to sustain this hungry spirit of mine

It will only crave more on another day

No, that deep cavern of need

Must be spring-fed

From a deep reservoir within

No accolade

No award

Can ever be worth as much

As this

My own affirming voice

“I am enough.”

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Beware of the Illusion

Beware of the illusion on those days when…

  • you feel too high or too low
  • it seems like you’ve finally got it all together
  • everything falls apart
  • you feel just a tad superior or inferior
  • it seems you never get a break
  • you’ve decided life is too much or not challenging enough

You have just bought into the illusion that life is conquerable and understandable, instead of a confounding mystery that defies your explanations. You have been taken to the cleaners by a life that will bring you what you need and not necessarily what you want. You have been duped by the illusion that life is about what you do and have, instead of about what you will learn and become inside.

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Feeling Empty after a Social Event?

I hate that feeling. Sometimes it’s an ache for real conversation that gets to the heart of things.

The following few stanzas from Oriah Mountain Dreamer express it…

It doesn’t interest me to know where you live or how much money you have. I want to know if you can get up after the night of grief and despair, weary and bruised to the bone and do what needs to be done to feed the children.

It doesn’t interest me where or what or with whom you have studied. I want to know what sustains you from the inside when all else falls away.

I want to know if you can be alone with yourself and if you truly like the company you keep in the empty moments.


Oops, I Forgot I Was the Designer

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Although I resisted this wisdom for many years, I now have gathered enough conclusive evidence that my thoughts and words were, and are, the building materials of my future. When I changed my moaning to gratitude (without the “but”) and my disappointment to delight (without the “however”), my efficiency became a castle.


Whatever makes you shine

Whatever fuels your fire

Whatever gives you hope

Has got to be your breakfast

Walk quickly past the other options

Do all your duties with joy and awe

You have so much

And so much more to come


A man must not open shop without a smiling face. – Chinese Proverb

Another Chance

That was my first thought this morning…

Wow, I didn’t die during the night. I have another chance to get it right.


Another chance to be here now

To be completely present

To keep my head in the moment

So closely that I really see people

And value them as I value myself

To really see everything around me in 3D

(or maybe even 4)


Just like a second serve in tennis

A chance to keep my eye on the ball

And this time

Really see it all the way through

As I send it away (with love-love)

And return what comes back to me

With passion, confidence, intention

And utter joy




“Let’s Do It”

“Let’s do it,” spoken by psychopath Gary Gilmore on his way to execution, were the words that inspired Nike’s Just Do It slogan.


But I get it. We must tap into audacious courage wherever we can find it…since it is such a rare commodity.

And, any person who wants to be a legend must first quell the pitiful cries of self-preservation with those of brazen bravery.

Life is to be dashingly used and cheerfully hazarded.

(Wow. Just reading that line makes me feel brave.)

Actually, I have never been so happy as when I am following that advice.


So…let’s be brave together.

Imprisoned Angels Standing By

Did you wake up with a sigh?

Disappointed and low?

Low enough to be shackled again

with the same weight tomorrow?

Then, sigh and frown

And keep looking down


While walking past a wall of books

Without opening one

Or go online

To the same ole places

And go back to bed

Without going to TED


Then sigh and frown

And keep looking down



Just pick up a book

Any book

And let the power out


Open the sky

With one tiny, courageous click


Imprisoned angels are standing by



Borrow joy. Borrow strength. Borrow inspiration. Borrow power.

Release the angels.


(I wrote this after challenging my blahs with, just open a book, any book, to any page.

I did. The lights came back on.)



The Price of Arrogance

Looking back, I can now see that the number-one cause of my business and personal failures was an unwillingness to seek out wisdom and listen to the wise.

I just thought I knew better

Or, that you didn’t get it

Or, I could figure it out myself

Or, that I didn’t have time to listen

Or slow down long enough to consider

That you might see things from a better angle

Or there might be a way, proven and tried


Of my limitations


But, I kept my pride.

It only cost me

Lost opportunity, money, and time.



Play the Music or Die

The stories of our lives seem so much more interesting when a soundtrack is behind the images. Unless we have a biographer, no one (but us) is responsible for adding the score.


If I am depressed I will sing.

If I am bored I will find an artist who will sing to me about meaning.

If I am tired I will find a ballad about surviving against the odds.

If I feel unloved I will listen to the rhythm of my heart, or the whistling birds, or the sound of a million leaves, nourished by ugly roots, rustling in the howling wind.

And, if I am wounded I will play a song that asks me to dance.

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Two-Minute Tune-Up

The more I read and listen, the less time I spend re-inventing the wheel.

The more time I spend in meditation, the less time I spend chasing my tail.

The more I evaluate ALL my experience as valuable (even mistakes), the faster I succeed.

The more I refuse to bad mouth people in my past, the easier I transition into my future.

The more I give the benefit of the doubt, the greater the appreciation and respect I receive from others.

The more I trust that all will be well, the less drama I have in my daily life.

The more I relax into the whatever is happening, the faster conflicts are resolved.

successWhat a relief!

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