Dark Messages from the Night

I wake peacefully in an orderly room.

Yet, here, in the dazzling new light

Myriads of dark voices speak from the night

Of sirens, terror, and trouble

Obliterated rooms in cities of rubble

I throw off the cover and move fluidly to my feet

Hearing pained whispers of those incomplete

With missing limbs, children, and necessary things

My face wet with water while the desktop dings

Then, I choose my breakfast from a chilled collection

While feeble voices moan for help and protection

It is there I digest the message, You are not quite safe

Perched here, precariously, on the edge of fate 


This poem is not about fear, it is about awareness of the troubles millions experience on this planet right now, and about how easy it is to be oblivious to, and surprised by, the imminence of change.

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Two-Minute Tune-Up 2.29.12 Take this Day and Love It!

You decide. What do you want to do with your day? When your head hits the pillow tonight, what will you have at the end of it?

  • Sighs or smiles?
  • Strife or peace?
  • Regrets or pride?
  • Pressure or confidence?
  • Confusion or direction?
  • Dread or hope?

Begin with the end in mind. Spend time breathing in all the smiles, peace, pride, confidence, direction, and hope you will need for the day. Don’t go out trying to find them somewhere else. See your future. See your value. See the eternal “support staff” of angels around you. See your Creator…who has always been dedicated to your happiness.

A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success.  – Joyce Brothers



Two Minute Tune-up 11.22.11 Choose Sides Now

Just in case you anticipate a challenge or two over the holidays…


If we are aware of the innate value of everyone we will be around…

If we appreciate people and all the other good things we often take for granted…

If we are available to make a difference where we can and to leave each moment better than we found it…

We’ll avoid the anxiety, anger, arrogance and other potential mood changers and energy sappers that often accompany the holidays.

Your friends and relatives will be grateful.

Well…some of them might say, What got into him?

But do it anyway.