Big Reflection from a Small Shimmer

In an elevator, I noticed light flashing randomly over the walls and ceiling. Looking for the source, I found it to be my watch band, reflecting wildly from slight movements of my hand. Something so small making all this beauty.

Of course I have seen it before

this reflective wonder

That I often ignore

But today I think of my own light

(and nothing is as small as it seems)

I feel my own power

Pulsing around me unseen

As wireless signals reach my phone

I chill to the knowledge

“I am not alone”


Ttransmitting energy everywhere

Now feeling electricity

In my fingertips and hair

Sensing the calling

The calling to shine

The calling to trust

(the magnified reflection) of my tiny and unlikely shine


Two Minute Tune-up 8.11.11 Work or Play, It’s ALL Okay

I simply do not distinguish between work and play.

To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.

– Mary Oliver, poet and philosopher

The more I learn to really live, the more I find Mary Oliver’s words in both of these statements to be true.

When I really pay attention to everything in the moment, work becomes play; stimulating, interesting, engaging, life-giving.

I have also noticed while playing golf, tennis or even solitaire, that when I quit really paying attention to everything in the moment, play becomes work; frustrating, confounding, disappointing and a burden.

I am guaranteed a good time…whatever I am doing…if I am completely and totally alert and present…right now!

Let the fun begin!

Two Minute Tune-up 5.31.11 Stress Reducer

It was one of those nights full of dreams about not being able to get things done…you know…cars that won’t go…the bike that won’t pedal…phones that I can’t dial correctly…the house and yard are a wreck and people are coming over…waking up too late…too much to do…etc.  I don’t know if it was the KFC right before bed 🙂 or the subconscious fears that I harbor, but, I woke up in a funk, worried about the day…until…

I remembered my responsibility is simple. Be present, love people, be a conduit of positive energy.


Now I am ready.

Two Minute Tune-up 4.10.11 To be Present…Detach?

No matter where you are, make sure you are there. – Mahatma Gandhi

The quote looks like duh, not that profound, but practicing it consistently is another story.

My friend, Lesley said she was trying NOT to lose the joy of today for fear of tomorrow…and all the expected layoffs. I know! It’s hard to be peaceful and present when you feel a threat of losing something very important to you!

That’s why the art of detachment, ironically, is essential to being complete present.  Chin-Ning Chu, in THICK FACE, BLACK HEART, teaches detachment from our little ego and attachment to the gigantic divine egoessentially…letting go of our own picture of how things need to be so we will relax into the bigger picture. 

Only then… can we really be there.


Two Minute Tune-up 4.4.11 When did you stop seeing me?

When did you stop seeing me?

Was it when life became more complicated

Than you planned?

Was it when you were disappointed?

Angry? Worried?

I just know it happened.

I didn’t seem to be important to you anymore.

I went my way. You went yours.

Life became more about getting by

Than about joy.

I am the people in your life who need you; your uniqueness, your laughter, your delight.

Please come back.

Promise to see me…and not the agenda.

I’ll promise to see you.

It’s easier to play God than to love God in others.” – Dr. Henry Nouwen

Two Minute Tune-up 3.7.11 Completely Present

In this moment I notice the feel of the computer keys on my fingertips.

In this moment I notice the computer corrects my errors automatically.

In this moment I notice that I know how to read and write.

In this moment I notice that it takes under a minute to send a message across thousands of miles.

In this moment I notice my eyes are working.

In this moment I notice my breathing is happening automatically.

In this moment I notice my back doesn’t hurt.

In this moment I notice the way my clean clothes feel and smell.

In this moment I remember the people who have helped me throughout my life.

In this moment.

I see the world

Two Minute Tune-up 3.1.11 Tennis “Lessons”

Several years ago, Bill Belz, with much effort, taught me, a total non-athlete, to play tennis. Besides adding 10 years to my life (probably), the game has taught me many life lessons:

 Don’t think about who might be looking at you. Concentrate on loving the game. Keep your eye on the ball.  Play one point at a time. Forget about the last point. Don’t stress about winning, only about being the best in this moment. Let go of the self-hatred for mistakes.

Until recently, many times I sabotaged my game by feeling guilty about playing instead of helping someone, etc. Now, I know that this play has been and is a very important part of my life.

I hope you will play today…in whatever you do!