“Easy” Negativity Remover


Watch this video for a radical approach for removing negativity.


  • Be more aware of the things we say and think today
  • Catch and restate our unproductive words
  • Make a point of commenting on the things we like instead of the things we don’t
  • Clean up the energy around us by refusing to join the chorus of mediocrity
  • Watch our lives take a turn into contentment
  • And watch the video for a good laugh at ourselves

Top Seven Ways to Attract Interesting People into Our Lives

  1. Be Courageous (Take charge and stop talking about all the things we are worried about)
  2. Be Generous (Give freely and stop worrying about hanging on to our stuff)
  3. Be Interested in others (Honor others and stop worrying about who is interested in us)
  4. Be Available (Show up for people and stop tying up all our energy protecting ourselves)
  5. Be Kind (Give the benefit of a doubt and stop passing out judgments so freely)
  6. Be Light-hearted (Laugh at our humanity and quit taking ourselves so seriously)
  7. Be Independent (Use the strength we were given and quit depending on some human or something else for our happiness)

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I Was a Lying Fool


Or, as in my case, if someone fears rejection, is naturally insecure, and/or has a mother, father (or authority figure) with mood swings, there is a pretty good chance the art of lying is being honed and perfected.

Two marvels:

  • Even though I had become a liar in this fashion, I accidentally created the same fear-based culture in my own home and then marveled when my children lied to me. Go figure.
  • How easy it is for humans to condemn others for lying when we have all done it and we frickin’ know why it is so very difficult to be truthful.

Two lessons:

  • Quit trying to make myself feel better by denouncing other liars
  • Ask myself how I can help people feel honored and accepted enough to be real


We Met Dysfunction and It Was Us

There will always be those relationships we need to walk away from.  But, it is often too easy to label everyone we don’t get along with as the problem.

The people who make a difference in the world are careful to address the difficulty and dysfunction that comes from their own side of the equation.

To make sure this happens, we must:

  • Practice daily contemplation that serves to distance us from our ego
  • Read and get input from outside our own circles
  • Seek feedback from someone who will not enable us


Or we can go to our grave small, protecting our own point of view.