The Many Faces of “I Did It!”

“I did it!”

  1. Those three words can be life to my spirit, implying I have:

A) beaten the odds

B) accomplished a goal

C) risen above my fears or

D) given it my best shot

2.  Also important words when I am owning a mistake or failure. In that case, “I did it” frees me from the debilitating psychological and physical drain of hiding.

3.  Harmful if I use them to steal credit from someone else who deserves gratitude and recognition.

3.  Dangerous if I follow, “I did it” with “And, I’d do it again!” instead of humility. My mother used to say this with vehement arrogance and, then, cry herself to sleep.

Here’s wishing only the best “I did its” to you in 2019!

(Modified 2015 original Post)

Two-Minute Tune-Up 11.29.12 When You Are the Obstacle

“The ONLY reason you don’t have exactly what you want is the story you keep telling yourself about why you can’t have it or don’t have it already.”

– Tony Robbins

I used to squirm, resent, and argue with this sentiment…until I listened carefully to my self-talk. Who do you think you are? You are not a skilled writer. You are a failure. You are mediocre. You’ll never be like those other people who succeeded. Ad infinitum.

Now I say, “I have been given a mission, a message, and the gifts to accomplish everything I set out to do! I will never give up or give in!”

Two-Minute Tune-Up 11.28.12 Got Energy?

 The essence and power of visioning: feel the victory; feel the joy now. It will insulate you from the wait, the pain, the struggle. Get up. Do your victory dance now. Let your body and mind join the celebration. Turn off the sighing. Turn on the singing. I remembered to do this yesterday and what a difference it made in my productivity. On the other hand, when I have allowed my mind to say, “What’s the use?”… I invited the drag and drudgery into my day.  Quick energy fix: 1) Imagine yourself crossing the finish line of your dreams.2) Right now, celebrate as if it has already happened.3) Immerse yourself completely in the joy of your success.4) Repeat every time you feel lethargy or despair.