Descent into Love

Being open without being loved is terrifying.

Although, if we love but are not open, there is no room for growth and improvement.

Where there is both openness and love, there is maximum growth and unlimited potential for happiness.

This is not an exact quote from K. Killian Noe but I was moved by the power of the insight while listening to Melinda Gates’ audio, Moment of Lift.

K. Killian Noe founded a simple healing model to help homeless and recovering men and women based on this premise. Yet, the premise has healing implications for all of our relationships.

Hiding our flaws is tempting and much easier. No one wants rejection, disapproval, or mockery.

Yet, powerful love and healing only comes by going deep into honesty with ourselves and others.

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Whatever and Whenever

Whether my tasks today is cleaning toilets or working my dream job, being the boss or looking for a job, changing diapers or signing autographs, going to the hospital or going on vacation, trying to get well or trying to excel, my obligation is still the same; do it with love. Do it all with love.

The highest task will be lowered without it.

The lowest task will be elevated with it.

There is nothing more important than being here, completely here, right now, with the passion and joy that is only born of love.



Let go of anxiety and live.

(original post 2015)

BIG Starts Here

To belittle, you have to be little.” -Gibran

That includes belittling rivals, politicians, celebs, bosses, neighbors, relatives, exes, and strangers.

To their faces or behind their backs.

In public or in private.

When I took that nonsense out of my everyday conversation, it was very quiet for a while.

Then I started working on filling up the airspace with words that mattered.

Finding the Force-field

Hope is a force-field

Not just an emotion

Or a state of mind

Or meaningless dreaming


Hope is a game-changing

Power-building life-force

Hovering and

Lurking within our grasp

At any and every moment

Especially the devastatingly discouraging moment

When the air is knocked out of our dream

The floor falls out under us

Or the darkness threatens our light


Hope is a force-field

Fueling those refusing to give up

Sustaining reluctant fighters until death

To suffer without self-pity

And sacrifice without regret


Hope is a force-field

Not just for the few

But a force-field For any


Original post 2012

Task One

Accept the adventure or wallow in the injustice of it all. Our choice. Yet, if there is no forgiveness there is no peace.

Start forgiveness here by:

  1. Forgiving you – otherwise, lug around the baggage of anger, insecurity, anxiety, and disappointment.
  2. Forgiving everyone else, including jerks, pervs, and the people who can’t seem to forgive you for existing – otherwise lug around the baggage of anger, insecurity, anxiety, and disappointment.

If you have tried to do life without forgiveness, you are painfully aware, or soon will be, that there is no shortcut.

Freedom awaits.

Laugh Out The Grief

A friend told me about a continuing education class where a man popped in at the back of the room to say he was leading a Grief Support Group next door. The other leader, suddenly aware of how loud and how often his class had been laughing, immediately apologized for being insensitive and disrespectful.

The other man replied, “On the contrary, my students were wanting to know if they could come join your class.”


The faster we can find something at which we can laugh out loud, the more quickly we will heal our inner pain.

Political journalist, Norman Cousins helped heal himself of a very painful disease with a healthy dose of daily laughter. Check out the amazing story in his book, Anatomy of an Illness.

And, Then I Want Things

  1. I forget to delight in the people and things around me.

2. I start to compare my situation to others. I begin to envy, pity myself, or focus on petty inconveniences.

3. I start to want things I don’t have.

4. I lose my inner light and strength. I become dark and common.

The Strong Approach

“Some day I will be able to ___________________________ or, I will begin today to _________________________________.”

“It takes time to forgive someone, or today I will refuse to play the victim, and begin to forgive.”

“I know I am unhappy with my life, but I don’t have the _______________ (courage, money, time) to change my life, or today I will start taking baby steps toward my goal.”

“Someday I will be healthier and run a marathon, or today I will begin by walking around my neighborhood.”

“One day I will be happier, or today I will live with joy and gratitude for what I already have.”

“One day someone will love me and change my life, or today I will be my own hero, I will love myself and change my life.”