Who Knew Batteries Were Included?

“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And, the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt


I am directionless and ignored

Moored, anchored to fear and noise

But suspect I am able to learn

Can untangle the hopeless ropes  

And that I have less time to burn

Than it feels like while formless and stagnant

On the tributary that leads to 

The banks

Of an ocean of information


Yet, if I act now and go

I may arrive, dip in my toe (cautiously at first)

And shape myself into something quite new

Who knew

Batteries were included?

Nurture the Good People

I woke up from this nightmare that I was roaming the streets, desperate to find help, but without any friends or family to call upon.

Boy, was I happy to wake up and find I still had a support system! 

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If we have them, our job is to nurture them, especially the ones we tend to take for granted. Failure to do so brings distance.

Sometimes, the only obstacle to nurturing those we take for granted is our pride.

(Unless ripped away by tragedy) the people who will never be without good people in their lives are the ones who will appreciate them…and…eat humble pie when humble pie is the only thing on the menu in order to sustain the relationship.

One Hundred Pair of Underwear

My friend told me she owned at least one-hundred, maybe even two-hundred pair of underwear, and that she was still buying more.

Before I could make her feel guilty about not giving the “underwear money” to the needy, she explained her fetish. She had grown up very poor in Thailand without the basics…including underwear.

Her vulnerability reminded me that everything we do has a story behind it, a very human story.

Best reason to give the benefit of the doubt.

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What’s So Peaceful about a River?

Tennis great, Maria Sharapova says this Hal Boyle quote is her go-to when she is feeling overwhelmed or unfocused.

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This constant peace of a river begins for each of us when we connect to integrity…the state of being whole and undivided…the true center of ourselves; who we really are without the fear, without the hustle, without trying to get something from anyone, without doubting our worth, trusting the support of the Universe.

When we get to this place, the path will unravel artistically before us.

Feeling anxious, confused, unloved, or insignificant is my first sign that I am operating outside of my riverbed.

“Integrity is the only path where you will never get lost.” -Mike Maples

Freedom to Quit Pretending

Life changes for the better when we realize that we don’t have to know everything and we don’t have to pretend we do.

Simon Sinek

Pretending, posturing, and posing extracts serious psychological and physiological energy from us.

What sweet release it is to be ourselves.

What sweet relief it brings to those around us who are also feeling like imposters.

Sometimes we do have to fake it until we make it to push ourselves out of a comfort zone. That is called courage and courage is essential.

But, refusing to be honest with ourselves and others about who we really are is called by other names, including arrogance, deceit, narcissism, manipulation, and immaturity. All of which are ticking time bombs.

Getting Over Stuff More Quickly

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Reject your sense of injury and the injury itself disappears.

Rejection happens.

Oversights happen.

Encountering selfishness is a being-human-occupational hazard.

Training myself to ignore injuries that come from these oh-so-common sources has saved me lots of pain and countless hours of justification chasing (convincing myself and others that I was right to feel offended).

The time saved I can now use to learn about others’ points of view. What a welcome state-change it has been! What revelations I have had about myself!

But, the best advantage (by far) has been to those who had to listen to my poor-injured-me conversations.

Life Is an Echo

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Many will argue with this sentiment, saying that life has not treated them in a reciprocal manner.

When this seems to be the case, there are four explanations:

  1. Our timing is not the timing of the Universe
  2. Our giving has been with strings attached or impure
  3. Our analysis of ourselves lacks the insight of coaches and/or mentors (this is available through reading and videos as well as one-on-one)
  4. Our most important need is to be tested and purified for a larger purpose

Let us forget with generosity those who cannot love us ~ Pablo Neruda

Neruda understands that growth is possible (and precious) from the loss of something we may desperately want.

Top Ten Reasons People Who Shouldn’t Be Unhappy Are Unhappy

Many of us are stunned or even annoyed when someone famous takes their own life; (“They had it all! What were they thinking?”). We shouldn’t be. The reasons they are unhappy are the same reasons we are unhappy.

10. Unhealthy dependence on someone or something

9. Unresolved issues or troubled conscience

8. Conflicting beliefs

7. Anxiety

6. Disappointment and loss

5. Broken hearts

4. Pain and health issues

3. Not believing in our unalterable and inestimable value (in spite of our flaws)

2. Taking ourselves and our small stuff too seriously

1. Forgetting to be grateful everyday for everything

Money and fame do not take care of these challenges. Wealth and fame often make it more difficult to remember that life was never about us or things, but about truly discovering the marvels of life in ourselves and in each other.

Help Me Remember

None of us are really ordinary

We may have become ordinary

Because we lost hope somewhere along the way

Now we need something to awaken

The dormant greatness within us

Or someone to remind us who we really are


The greatest stories are always about

The most unlikely and ordinary beings

Doing the most extraordinary things


I’ll remind you if you will remind me

When Life Sucks

So I was sick on an airplane with 14 hours remaining on the flight. Difficult to breathe, coughing, head exploding. No medications. Middle seat. People on the row wanting to get away from me with nowhere to go. I told myself this was hell…until I remembered prisoners of war, refugees, and people with genetic or chronic pain and challenges.

When I changed my self-talk from “I can’t handle this” to “How can I use this moment for good?” something changed. I began to notice and send good thoughts to everyone sitting around me. My pain ceased to be my focus. Sleep came…and went. I lived.

Now, when life sucks, that insignificant experience is my friend…whispering courage.

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