My Ethiopian Tutor

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An Uber driver gave me a wonderful lesson in African history, Ethiopian antiquities, and the history of emigration the other day…after he tested me to see if I was just being polite or if I really wanted to know. I got out of this car with three study assignments and a tinge of sadness for never learning about his homeland before. He ignited my heart as all good teachers do.

Experiences like this are reminders of the unmined treasure and talent all around us.

I could have just stared at the back of his head. So glad I didn’t.

Two Minute Tune-up 7.9.11 I Apologize to Flies?

I heard my husband apologize to a fly as he whacked it to its noble death in our kitchen yesterday. It made me smile because this apologizing-to-bugs-thing is also my habit. (How on earth did we ever find each other??)

Of course I know the habit is weird…even though its source is a reverence for all living things.

But, the ironic thing is this; we can totally care and honor animals and insects much easier than we can honor and respect a human being who irritates us in traffic, takes our parking space, or runs for political office.

A true reverence for life includes family members who have hurt us, politicians in the other party, people of rival nations and strangers in all socio-economic brackets.

All deserve our respect.