The Pain of Being “Endured”

Even on the faces of strangers, it is often easy to spot relationships that have passed from enjoyment to obligation. Sadly, so many of us think we are doing someone a favor by “trudging through a relationship” when this could not be farther from the truth. Humans are not built for the pain of being “endured” rather than celebrated.

In this type of arrangement, both the “tolerater” and the tolerated are cheated. Both are inviting all manner of disease into their bodies, minds, and spirits, and tragically, into their other relationships.

We can only unlock the door of this toxic prison at work and at home by:

1) Getting back to a place of delight by focusing on what we love instead of what we dislike about someone (this works wonders!), or by

2) Being honest enough to own the dysfunction and mature enough to set each other free without bitterness.











Real relationships give life…not the appearance of life.

If Someone Leaves You, Fires You, Rejects You, or Cheats on You

Being left, fired, rejected, or cheated upon is, no doubt, a painful experience. However, if we find ourselves in one of these situations, here are some critical considerations:

  1. We can’t make people love us. The right people will.
  2. We have hurt people too…accidentally, selfishly, or because we were afraid to tell the truth. Forgive.
  3. Playing the victim won’t fix anything. Move on.
  4. Many people born with disabilities, disease, or deformities will never have romantic love or employment. Keep it in perspective.
  5. Sometimes, it’s our fault. Buck up and own it.
  6. It’s easier to bear when we learn to love, forgive, and honor ourselves.
  7. Watch what you say. (Our words define who we are not who they are.) Besides, Social media has enough poor-me-finger-pointing-cry-baby jerk-bashers already.

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Distilled Power

My romantic relationships and my work relationships improved when I quit worrying about how I was being perceived, or how I was being treated, what had just happened, or what was going to happen next. So did my tennis game. And my relationship with my kids and in-laws. And my health. And my joy. And my ability to have a good night’s sleep.

It took me over thirty years to figure that out with relationships. Over ten with something as inconsequential as tennis. Still working on it with new clients, new challenges, and strangers.

Most of us spend our waking hours splintered out in so many directions that we don’t even know what true focus is. People who bring their complete attention and focus with them wherever they go are so rare that when we are lucky enough to meet one, we cannot forget them. They are distilled and refreshing power: the power we have always longed for.

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Doubt This at Your Own Risk

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The reason that what you read is more important in the long term than the man you marry is because the heart needs training from books in order to absorb, appreciate, and honor events and individuals in our lives enough to be equal to them. Otherwise, we are subject to the vicissitudes of every wave, every challenge, and every disappointment.

Men…and women…even fantastic men and women, can never be all or enough for the deep need of our hearts; our hearts that are born in the deep well of eternity.

I totally love Nina George for saying this through her character in this good book.

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I’ll Donate Half of My Liver

Not a pick-up line that the average Joe would use, but it unexpectedly brought great love into the lives of two strangers.

Chris Dempsey said he was in the break room one day when he overheard a guy talking about this woman who needed a liver donor. “I spent four years in the Marine Corps and learned there never to run away from anything. So I just said to myself, ‘Hey, if I can help, I’m going to help.’”

What a response! And what a great reminder of a no-strings-attached generosity that attracts the right people into our lives.

Most of us want two things from a partner: 1) strength and independence, and 2) generosity. Chris Dempsey sure had that nailed.

Want better results with romance? Start here.


Story and photo courtesy of CBS Evening News.

Sabotaging Our Own Happiness

My husband told me he had only one more email to write, then he would completely focus upon me. I said, “It’s about frick’n time!” to which he responded, “On second thought, I have several more emails to write.”

The exchange was all in jest, but sadly, mimicked a real world saga of disconnect.

How often we lose what we most want by demanding, complaining, sneering, pushing, and/or whining! Then, when we finally get what we want, the joy (connection, relationship, etc.) has been completely squeezed out of it.


The simple formula is to be in the simple place of delight with the person with whom you desire connection. That place is where they first wanted you; that sweet place where you looked at them with gentle eyes.

Deteriorating Relationship Fixer

“At first we saw only each other’s virtues

Now we are seeing only each other’s faults

If we make it through this latter stage

then maybe we will see each other

and truly be friends.”

– Hugh Prather


I had a dream about a “relationship gun” that would fix fading romances. All you had to do was point it at someone and it would shower them with delight and renew the former attraction.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist, but showering someone with delight is still a relationship fixer. We just have to remember to think about the things that we delight in instead of all the things we don’t.

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(By the way, relationships with friends, coworkers, bosses, and neighbors can also be renewed with thoughts of delight and gratitude.)

The Rarest of Qualities

First meeting someone

I may be impressed with their intelligence

Beauty, talent, wealth, or power

But the one quality

That grabs and holds my attention is

A persons’ quality of seeing


It is so absolutely rare

To meet someone

Who sees me

Instead of their own agenda

Who listens instead of talks

About themselves

Who is open to learn

Instead of hopelessly in love

With their own thoughts


Wow, when I meet someone like this

I’m instantly in love

Outward appearances fall away

And I suddenly remember that

All the other qualities may burn me

(or dissolve away)

But this one quality of presence

Brings health, healing, hope

And heaven with it




When Is It Safe to Say, “I Love You?”

Whenever you feel like saying it.   If…

  • You have no strings attached
  • If it is honestly how you feel
  • When you don’t mean something else by the phrase such as “I want you to love me.”
  • When the other person shares your understanding of what the words mean

Love is not complicated when:

  • There is no deceit or manipulation
  • There is no co-dependency
  • Both people have healthy emotional detachment
  • Both people involved know how to love and respect themselves
  • Boundaries and expectations are agreed upon

no fear in love

If your love has fear, its something else.



Sleep Better. Love Better. Be Better.

My friend, Buzz Kolbe gave me Michele Wahlder’s  book, Alphatudes, The Alphabet of Gratitude. Instead of counting sheep when she suffered from insomnia, Michele tried going through the alphabet and counting all the good things that began with each letter. Before she made it through D, she was sound asleep.

There are countless other applications.

I wrote about the same technique for romantic relationships. When needing help feeling romantic about a partner, appreciate them from A to Z, or take turns complimenting each other all the way through the alphabet. This type of focus with someone shuts down criticism and fear, working wonders with the libido.

When we completely surrender to gratitude, we’ll discover the best version of ourselves.

Slip into something more comfortable. Gratitude.

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