Feeling Like Somebody?

Nobody likes to be around someone who thinks they are somebody who is more important than everybody else.

But, everyone likes to be around someone who makes them feel like a somebody.

A really cool thing; even on the days when I feel like a nobody, I still have the power to make somebody else feel like a somebody.  (Knowing what it feels like to be a nobody helps me remember the importance of doing this.)

The even cooler thing; we are all broken yet still somebody. And, if I know I am a somebody, but no more of a somebody than you, and you are a somebody but no more of a somebody than me, that’s the perfect condition to make the most of our somebodyness…together.

What We Think of You

What we think of you doesn’t really matter.

In the early 1700’s people thought Johann Sabastian Bach’s music was “mediocre, too complex, and unsatisfactory.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Intellectual_Devotional

Related image

Huh. So glad Bach didn’t get discouraged and quit before I had a chance to hear “Sheep May Safely Graze” three-thousand (okay, three hundred) years later.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCyJvRaQ3Dg

Gee, I guess public opinion can be wrong.

Image result for what people think of you

I can, and should, learn and grow from what other people say about me, but if I start measuring my worth by it, everyone loses.

Finding Lost Treasure

This was true for me.

Although, I am aware that many never face the obstacle of self-worth, for some of us, finally believing we have innate, unalterable value is a major find; buried treasure that sets us free!

No need to prove our value by achieving something.

No need to prove our value by proving someone else wrong.

No need to worry about what strangers perceive our worth to be.

No need to compare our worth to that of any celebrity, billionaire, politician, artist, intellectual, sports hero, family member, or ex.

No need to fret about being underappreciated by the arrogant, self-centered, or heartless.

No need to pretend to be someone other than who we are.

Now, there are storehouses of resources: ample reserves of time and energy…to make a difference.

The Judicious Sun and Rain

If you ever doubt your place in the world or your right to be here:

  1. Notice how the breeze doesn’t skip over you to go to someone else
  2. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin
  3. Watch the rain fall without respect of persons
  4. Experience gravity without paying a utility company for it
  5. Breathe the air without cost
  6. Sit on the grass, put your hand in a stream, or enjoy a tree…rent free


This is your world as much as anyone’s. Live free. Without apology. Feel honored.

Give love back to the Universe. The Universe has loved you for a long time.

Life-Saving Equation

I’ve spent my whole life trying to convince myself (or, occasionally, someone else) that my life is just as valuable as anyone else’s. It’s such a relief to finally be absolutely certain that no person is neither less nor more than any other human being.

Even the most wealthy, intelligent, or famous person is dependent on the man or woman who paves the road, who grows the food, who cleans the toilets, who works at the sewage-treatment plant, who gives a shot, who keeps the television and cell-phone working, or who teaches school, etc.

In fact, there is not a luxury or essential we enjoy that wasn’t made possible by a myriad of anonymous donors.

What a waste for those who die…or kill…because they don’t know.


The Danger of Being Over-Confident vs. The Danger of Being Under-Confident

First of all, there are two categories of people…

1) Those who think they’re hot.

These people hardly ever question themselves, tend to appear arrogant, and don’t understand the other group who constantly wrestle with self-worth issues.

 2) Those who think they’re not. 

No matter how beautiful or talented these people are, they will always find flaws with themselves.

These reminders from www.operationbeautiful.com are for the second group.


If you are in the first group, this is your reminder:

too confidentover confident

This is funny but, seriously, in both categories, the following tips can save us a lot of trouble:

  • appreciate each other’s challenges
  • learn humility and confidence from each other
  • ask for a second opinion to avoid blind spots



Earth Worm or “Worth Worm?”

Last night I had a ridiculous dream. This is my best attempt at representing it:

worth worms1

worth worms

What was I supposed to get from a dream like this (besides a good laugh and the message that I am seriously wacked)?

Could it be Joy?

Could the message be that I can save all the wasted energy I’ve spent despairing over my lack of value or trying to convince people I have value and just…

accept and enjoy my value?

Yes! That’s it!

(My subconscious has a very weird, yet practical, sense of humor.)

“It is difficult to make a man miserable while he feels worthy of himself and claims kindred to the great God who made him.” – Abraham Lincoln

The Fault with Feeling Insignificant

the fault

John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars solved a riddle for me: that of understanding my worth in the world when that worth doesn’t seem obvious.

The characters in his book are cancer-ridden teenagers and children, who will have no opportunity to make a name for themselves.

But, who can deny the long-term value and impact of their love for the people and things in the world that they are forced to inhabit?

In Green’s words, “the universe wants our attention and demands to be noticed.”

“The real heroes are not the people who do things, but the people who notice things.”

Here’s to a day of noticing and appreciating…with all of my unprecedented being!

john green

The “What Is My Current Value?” Formula

  1. Add the number of breaths you have taken in the last 24 hours. (We’ll call this the B value)
  2. Multiply this total by the number of cells in your body. (We’ll call this the C value)
  3. Subtract the unimportant heartbeats. (We’ll call this the H value)
  4. Divide the result by the number of moments you should be living right now.



5.  Cherish and retain for the highest bidder.

(Not subject to depreciation, inflation, or market variations.)

How Much for that Genuine Article?

genuineWhatever you do today

Don’t miss the fun of being genuinely, authentically you

Not an imitation of someone you thought was somehow better than

Or more interesting than you

Not a replica of the Ideal You (minus secrets)

That isn’t really you but you really want everyone to believe it is

Not a version of yourself that is buried in worry

About your future, your money, your past, your weight, or your big ears

Because, (and this is really important) when you are buried or hidden in anything

The bargain hunters won’t be able to find you

They won’t be able to celebrate all the way home

And call their friends with the news

That their life has suddenly changed because of you.