An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

“We are the superhero, none of us individually, but all of us together.” – Hank Green

Accepting this truth solves multiple ego problems.

Which happens to be one of the absolutely remarkable themes of Hank (brother of John) Green’s first novel.

If you haven’t read it yet, here is another absolutely remarkable (and very notable) theme…

Uncomfortable but true, the SF tale is packed with timely reminders of…

  • our vulnerability
  • the penalty our insecurity and arrogance will extract from our relationships
  • the destructive power of hatred and fear
  • how wrong we can be when we think we are so right
  • how much we need each other

Whether you like fiction or not, you may have to admit that the Green brothers are smart, humble dudes who make remarkable insight absolutely entertaining.

An Impossibility in an Impossible Universe

When I say this to myself everyday, it’s much more difficult to feel bored, depressed or entitled.

This is why I now appreciate Science Fiction, and writers such as Ray Bradbury and Neil Gaiman.

It’s the way they make me notice impossible things.


I drank water today

And my body knew how to get it to the trillion cells that needed it

I didn’t train or even request

Specialized enzymes to metabolize nutrients 

Yet they worked, without a break, so I could wake  

And take care of my to-dos

I didn’t set up a sophisticated filing system in my brain

That sorted the essential instructions  

I would need

To spin through the galaxy at 1000 miles an hour