Why This Is Not a Joke

When resources are sparse and our circumstances are bleak, this poster feels like a cruel joke.

Yet, when we dismiss our cynicism, we’ll experience why visualizing unlimited abundance is worth the effort:

1) Dreaming puts a smile on our face. (Ask your friends, family, and coworkers which they prefer, the smile or the grimace?)
2) Visualization is scientifically proven to change our body chemistry, disarming harmful toxins that feed dis-ease. (Ask your body what it wants, angst or relaxation?)
3) Relaxing into hope stamps out doubt, worry, and anger. (Ask your past which worked better, despair or faith?)
4) Stopping long enough to recalibrate gives us the energy to take positive steps forward. (Ask anyone which works better, giving up or gearing up?)

(Original post 2013)

Where Will Peace Find You Today?

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” – Rumi 

It is so very common to complain and despair about the peace we did not find during the holidays, when finding it was always up to us, not to our circumstances or how other human beings acted.

Peace may find you in the music

Or it may sneak up on you in nature

Peace may discover you in art

Or in a smile from a grateful stranger

But, wherever it is, let’s rendezvous there

Leave the scarred place of judgment behind

Go, reaching for peace’s nurture

To soothe away the illusion

Of your troubled and complicated life

Tired of Being Stuck?

Having been stuck in the first circle many times, I know first hand that these thoughts never lead to an exit. They keep us in the circle, driving us deeper into despair. As in a real traffic circle, unless one moves into a turn lane there is no access to an exit.

Productive reasoning is not positive thinking. It is allowing my mind do what it does best: solve problems.

In the first circle, I render my mind unproductive by repeating the same ole mantras, basically shutting down it’s natural ability to find the exit.

IYAD = If you always do
WYAD = What you always did
YAG = You always get
WYAG = What you always got

Tired of being stuck? 

Start by changing the driving instructions you issue to yourself.

(original post 2014)

Get Out!

When the voice tells you to give up
Get out! Get out and go anywhere but where you are
In search of a different voice to tell you
Success lives right next door, so very close to your despair  

When the voice says the pain is too much
Get out! Get out of your story into a story of courage 
Where the poor and defeated rise up to turn pain
Into passion for millions of forgotten sufferers

When the voice says whatever you do won’t help
Get out! Get out into an infinite universe
Where every invisible particle and connection 
Crackles with impressive power all around you

When the voice says you are worthless
Get out! Get outside to see — or inside a curious mind to hear
About your improbable existence among the teaming billions
Of living things–every one of them essential

When the voice says no one cares
Get out! Get out quickly and be your own big bang of care
Explode with a clear and bellowing voice to replace
The numbing, nagging one making slaves of millions

(He or she. Please, forgive the gender specific quote. )

I wrote this poem because I wrestle with the unrelenting voice of discouragement every day and have found that if I shift my perspective I can hang on five minutes longer.

If You Don’t Want Your Life, I’ll Take It

If you don’t want your life anymore, I’ll take it

I’ll take it to someone who is as alone as you

Who is often pale and gutted in the awful spiral

Without an upward option

I’ll take it to that person who doesn’t yet know

Of your existence

And how much you understand vacancy and loss

And there will be recognition and hope

For the first time


I’ll take it to a child who has no advocate

And only needs to feel your sad heart to believe you get it

I’ll pluck your life from the power of the suffocating small

And the blackest black, sucking hole

And take it to the large place you were born to go

A destination for pain that expels and explains

The abject darkness

A destination to shelter rather than extinguish

Your flickering light

Path #One or Path #Two?

I woke after a stark nightmare with these words describing the vacancy tragedy brings:

Yesterday went missing.
Stolen abruptly
by a merciless tomorrow.
Today is only the frantic flutter,
The rude whoosh of wind
The one sad,
Slow-floating feather.

The feeling is what it is, but our reality will always be what we make it…simply by the definition we give it.

Path One: I am ruined.
Path Two: I am able.
Path One: There is no hope.
Path Two: There is no giving up. Hope and help is coming for me.

Not Enough Present

“There are only two days in a year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow.” -The Dalai Lama

All forms of guilt, regret, resentment, and bitterness are caused by too much past and not enough present.

All forms of anxiety, worry, stress, and fear are caused by too much future and not enough present.

If I seriously respect and inhabit the moment before I try to sort out or make sense of all other points on the time-space continuum, I won’t hurt as much.

How this spells out practically:

  1. Schedule daily reflection/meditation time.
  2. Deal ruthlessly with any of my wimpy objections or manic interruptions to this practice.
  3. Always stop, ground, and center before reacting to any unexpected or unwelcome circumstance.

Mighty Miss Mya to Our Rescue

If it is difficult to be grateful today…

If you need a jumpstart on gratitude because your life sucks…

Mighty Miss Mya is coming to help.


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Loved this ABC News Story.

I think I’ll watch it every time I hear myself sigh.

When It Is Not the Hap-Happiest Season of All

If you’re not hurting and not alone this season, don’t assume everyone is sharing your joy. Don’t assume it’s the hap-happiest season of all.

Invite people in you normally wouldn’t.

Ask more genuine questions.

Have honest conversations.

Value the people around you enough to ask about the ways they’re hurting.

Listen well, love well.

And regardless of your situation: lean in to relationships, to other people.

Adapted from Robert Vore (from The Mighty newsletter)

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Give Up on the World?

I cannot give up on the world

While there are books unread

Their important words, to me, unsaid

Poignant voices of truth singing somewhere

Away from whom, I, deaf and unaware,

Cradle my uninformed opinions

I may be in pain and out of my mind with disdain

Cringing at the deeply-rooted, evil seed

The crawling malignancy around and within

Cold and calloused greed

But, really, can I wisely give up on the world? 

It may not be advisedly sane until I have used the one last effort

Of my sometimes rational brain

(Not in some melodramatic faint

Resigning sigh or fist-pounding complaint)

But in seeking, seeking, seeking

My sisters, brothers, mothers, kin 

No! Until then

I cannot give up on the world

(Spoken by the author who once thought herself the world’s greatest failure.)