When I am Totally Present for You

When I am totally present for you

You feel it

I change your energy

And lend you my strength


When I am totally present for you

I step out of my mediocrity

And access my super power

For killing fear and boredom


When I am totally present for you

I become concentrated refreshment

By admiring your beauty

In a world of splintered focus

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Meeting-Cool-People Super Power

I was a little embarrassed to answer, “Meeting the coolest people” when asked the question in a media interview, “What is your superpower?” What kind of a super power is that? (Yet, many of my single friends tell me they wish they could meet the interesting men that I have met with this power.)

The source of the power has to do with setting aside judgements enough to show genuine interest in everyone. In fact, my strategy in a group of strangers has always been to  seek out people who appear to be the most uninteresting, uncomfortable, or out-of-place. And, I am continually astounded at the unexpected riches I have found.

I have never gone wrong by putting aside my own agenda, honoring everyone equally, and standing on the holy ground of discovery.

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That’s power.

Two Minute Tune-up 10.24.11 “BAD” Judgment 2

Irony is a clear consciousness of an eternal agility, of the infinitely abundant chaos.
– Karl Wilhelm Friedrick Schlegel

The abundant irony in life instructs us in many ways:

One of the elementary lessons is our judgment is not as air-tight as we think.
So,  the other day, I was looking forward to doing one thing and dreading another.
The task I was dreading turned out to be the highlight of my day, and the event I was excited about was, surprisingly, the low-point.

Today I’m going to count on irony.

 I’m going to relax, quit taking myself so seriously and look forward to everything.  I’m gonna remember that pain is sometimes joy and joy is sometimes pain, that gain is sometimes loss and loss is gain, etc.