Will You Hear It?

Today, I found encouragement in the messages of The Glass Castle movie (in theaters August 11, 2017).

The message that we don’t have to be ashamed of those things over which we had no control.

The message that there is hope for kids and employees and spouses who are under the thumb of crazies.

The message not to give up on the escape plan.

The message that there are essential things to love about everyone.

The message that we can survive (and somehow thrive under) radical pain and confusion.

The message that all of our stories hold much more mystery than we ever dreamed.


Decision-Making Decisions

As you do, I intend to make good decisions. However, I have had some recent issues regarding desserts, snacks, cocktails, breakfast, lunch, and dinner (indulge me for a moment). Since I can still get into my clothes, the extra pounds hadn’t thwarted me…until…I noticed some vision problems that were possibly linked to my sugar intake.

Jeannette Walls’ The Glass Castle is a study of faulty decision-making criteria. Her parents regularly ignored the impact of their decisions upon their children. Whether we have children or not, a failure to consider the future impact of our decisions upon those who may have to take care of us, is narcissistic.

Today my criteria will be…

Is this the best possible decision for everyone, and what will I take into my future?

decision criteria







Two-Minute Tune-up 2.3.12 Have Patience, O You Impatient One!

My friend, Lisa Jensen heard Jeanette Walls (author of The Glass Castle) tell this story on NPR;

Her mother said, “In the end, it all works out,” to which Jeanette responded,”But what if it doesn’t?” Her mom wisely answered, “Well, you aren’t at the end then.”

Isn’t that so true? If we remembered this one bit of wisdom, it would save us many hours of torture, dismay, and ill health.

Please, for the sake of the trillions of cells in your tired body( that are all screaming for peace), have patience.  Quit judging. Start living. The best is yet to come.