Wondering What You Are Good For?

I love this quote that the greatest gift I can give to the world is my own self-transformation, because it’s something I can get to work on even if I don’t have employment, prospects, money, credentials, teachers, supporters, or one good thought about my life.

A client told me that she decided not to be bitter and negative anymore, so she found a YouTube video about getting rid of negativity and made a commitment to watch it everyday. The next time I saw her she looked ten years younger.

The ripple effect of her self-transformation not only reached her face, it reached me, her employers, her co-workers, her employees, her children, her significant other, her ex, and countless people in her future.

Her life has been transformed into one big gift.

Powerful by Nature

While driving the other day, I thought about how the tiny, yet very complex ice crystals (just beginning a performance on my windshield) would eventually shut down big trucks, airplanes, institutions, and the routines of thousands.

I thought about their powerful transformations from vapor to ice.

That amazing, transformational power, though hidden, was everywhere; the power that pushed the mountains up from inside the earth and even the chemical reactions exploding within my own body at that very moment.

So why had I lived as if I had none?

Had all my worry, depression, and fear sprung from this failure to tap into the ubiquitous power that was even in the air I was breathing?


What would happen if I put it to use?


I was never powerless.

Two Minute Tune-up 6.19.11 My Father Was Homeless

…until his second leg amputation put him in an aged-care facility. My sister, brother-in-law and I were the only attendees at his funeral..until a gentleman quietly entered toward the end.

When we asked how he knew our dad, he told us the story:

This gentleman, one Sunday, decided to get off the couch and volunteer at the local nursing home. He knocked on Louie Gatewood’s door and invited him to come listen to gospel singing. Louie cussed him out. The gentleman persevered. Louie eventually became the gentleman’s friend, joined in the singing and, consequently, went from bitter to broken to better.

The gentleman wept when he told us about Louie’s transformation.

What a remarkable difference he made for Louie…and for me.

Happy Father’s Day.