Setting an Intention to Win instead of a Resolution

At the beginning of 2018, I decided I was sick and tired of hearing myself complain about my weight (which I had been doing for many years). I made a plan: try Weight Watchers or hypnosis. I had tried everything else. Counting calories since I was 18 years old, I thought I knew everything about weight loss.

I reluctantly enrolled in a WW program that would pay me back if I lost 10 lbs. in two months. That was not a resolution, it was a challenge. And, I wanted to win it.

To my surprise, it was fun and rewarding. I didn’t have to starve myself. I learned new tricks and new habits, got my money back, and started 2019 at my lowest weight since High School! Who knew I loved winning more than I loved wine?

I’m Convinced. Damn the Facts.

My mother-in-law’s friend had lost weight taking a diet pill before it was found to cause deterioration of cranial bone cells. (Her constant runny nose had proven to be the leakage of Cerebral-Spinal Fluid from holes in her skull caused by this pill!) But, even after finding out, the friend said, “I’m not going to quit taking it. I’ve lost 25 pounds!”

This is a radical example, but most of us won’t change stupid stuff even though our behavior defies reason (and really smart people tell us so). We hang on to delusions for dear life.

This probably explains Donald Trump’s hair.